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5 Islands with quests and a small story, lots of new items, ~90 exterior cells, ~160 interior cells, 2 new playable races, 3 mercenaries, purchasable castle, birth signs

Permissions and credits
This mod was first released in 2005 for the german version of morrowind... but some day i got insane and started translating with my poor english...
so feel free to laugh about my english :P or give feedback, in version 1.3 it should be a bit better...


5 Islands
Quests and small story
Though Enemies
New Items
Playable Dremora and Vampire Races
New Birth Signs
New Classes
3 Mercenaries
Purchasable Castle
~90 Exterior cells
~160 Interior cells
some non-lore friendly "eastereggs"

BAIN installer:
00 Core                                                       (necessary)
10 Tel Meskoa                                             (choose for standard location north of Tamriel Rebuilts port telvannis)
11 Tel Meskoa Aesthesia Grass                   (choose to generate MGE grass, requires Aesthesia groundcover)
12 Tel Meskoa Remiros Grass                     (choose to generate MGE grass, requires Remiros' groundcover)
13 Tel Meskoa Vurts Grass                          (choose to generate MGE grass, requires Vurt's groundcover)
20 Tel Meskoa MOVED esp                         (choose for moved location, far south-west, matched to abots moved version)
21 Tel Meskoa MOVED Aesthesia Grass      (choose to generate MGE grass for the moved version, requires Aesthesia groundcover)
22 Tel Meskoa MOVED Remiros Grass        (choose to generate MGE grass for the moved version, requires Remiros' groundcover)
23 Tel Meskoa MOVED Vurts Grass             (choose to generate MGE grass for the moved version, requires Vurt's groundcover)
30 Readme                                                  (found in "Data files\Docs" folder)

It is compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt and the moved Wizards' Islands

It is possible that "Vurts Bitter Coast Trees II" can look strange since it uses an esp, when i tested it some of the trees where half in the ground... but it should be playable ...

I recommend characters with level 40-50

At Tel Mora is a teleport shrine with that you can travel to Tel Meskoa, from there
you can travel with a ship to Tel Matouigius.
The main quest on Tel Matouigius can only be started if the guild quests on Tel Meskoa are done.

You will not see the islands on the map unless you use the MCP (Morrowind Code Patch)
under - Interface changes - you need to activate Map expansion.

Grisum, Beta Tester ! (german version)
Garak, Admin of, thanks for hosting the german version since 2005
speedy2 ( and Shejan, Amanita muscaria Texture
Focuras, vocie of Dreoram
Lady E some particle effect, meshes and creatures
abot for sending me his version, where i took some scripts he fixed/optimized, the additional moved location and for making me aware of the missing sounds on the added creatures
Solidfire Darknut (glass glowset) used as reference to change my textures to fit with glass glowset
Hoschie and Family for shooting photos i can turn into textures
Rytelier - Aesthesia grass gen ini
Remiros - grass gen ini
Yacoby - grass mesh generator
DCSS for ripping of gods as birth signs go play NOW
Dwalin2012, Varil92, Shlotov88  - reporting bugs
Just A Simple Name Generator - Aleist3r/MementoMoritius
ESRGAN used to upscale textures
    models used:
    4x_4xBox by buildist
    4x_4xESRGAN by victorca25
    4x_4xMisc by Alsa
    4x_ESRGAN_GroundTextures_NonTiled by ZaphodBreeblebox
    4x_ESRGAN_Laeris_Wood by Laeris
    4x_Manga109Attempt by Kingdomakrillic
    4x_skyrim_armor by Alsa
    4x_ESRGAN_Skyrim_NonTiled_RGB_Catrom by Deorder
    4x_Fallout_Weapons_V2 by Bob
c&p some Morrowind interiors

got a question ? bug ? etc, post here or write me a mail, you will find the address in the readme file...
There is also a quest list (spoiler) where to find the quests, in case u missed something...

i hope i didn't forget anything... enjoy