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Adds the messages from the now-defunct ME3 datapad app to your terminal in the Normandy

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What is this?

This mod takes all of the messages from the Bioware companion app for ME3 and inserts them into your game at key moments. The messages range from cute to heartbreaking to funny and are canon-compliant as they were written by Bioware.


This mod is currently available in English and German, thanks to jeyjey1990's translation!

Installation and removal:

To install this mod, import it into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager by dragging and dropping the archive onto the main window of Mod Manager. Import the mod, and then select the mod on the left, then press Apply Mod. To uninstall the mod, go to Manage Target and select Immersive Emails and choose Disable or Delete.

Bugs and Troubleshooting:

While I tried to root out as many bugs as possible in testing, there's a chance that some of the emails trigger at the wrong moments. If you find any that don't seem to fit or don't align to your choices, let me know!


Thank you to jeyjey1990 for translating all of these messages into German!