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Ever find it creepy that Liara keeps the Armor that Shepard died in, in her living room and you can't even mention it to her? Worry no more! This mod removes the mesh and interaction point of the N7 Armor in Liara's apartment and places one of the Prothean rocks from another case in its place.

Permissions and credits

If you find a bug or have issues please make a bug report and i will get to it to see what the issue is. 

Files Modified: 
  • BioD_Exp1Lvl1_100Apartment.pcc
  • BioA_Exp1Lvl1_100Apartment.pcc
If your mod modifies the same files and mounts higher you have my permission to host a  patch

Bio_DExp1lvl100Apartment.pcc from the Unofficial LE 2 Patch is used in this mod so it is already compatible. Unofficial LE 2 patch is required for this mod. 
Details for Modders looking to make a patch:

Mount: 2501
TLK ID:123456
DLC Module:1230

This mod will only be updated if there is a bug being fixed or the compatibility patch portion needs to be updated. 

A huge thank you to the wonderful people in both the Mass Effect Modding discord and the Haven modding discord for helping me. 

How to Install: Download via mod manager ---> Import Mod ---> Apply Mod
How to Uninstall: Mod Manager ---> Manage target ---> disable mod

As a rule: Content DLC mods like this must be installed before texture [.mem mods installed with Mass Effect Modder].My Other Mods:
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