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Allows the player to be skeptical of the Reapers in the beginning of the game and have their explicit refusal to do the mind meld with Liara be respected.

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Information for other Modders. If your mod mounts higher than mine and  edits the same files you have permission to host a patch. 

Mount priority: 76
TLK ID: 1832580
TLK Strings: 1832580-1832630
Bools edited: 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508, 509, 510
Transitions added:8005, 8006, 8007, 8008, 8009, 8010, 8011, 8012 
Files edited:

Not compatible currently with mods that edit the same files

Known Incompatibilities [mods that will override Skeptical Shepard]:

Virmire Savoir LE 1 - Virmire Savior will override the Post mission scenes and make it so that you are unable to refuse the mind meld/agree with Sparatus.

A huge thank you to the ME3Tweaks team for their work on the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and Legendary Explorer. Without these tools, this mod would not have been possible.

Uses files [BIOA_NOR10_04A] from the LE1 Community patch so it now Has full compatibility with the Community Patch.  Huge thank you to the team for allowing use of the files for compatibility 


There are things I wanted to do with this mod that I'm not sure how to implement. I made the transitions and bools in case I ever figure it out and want to come back and implement them.


Is there a version for the OT?

Eventually, there will be. However, I have no idea when. 

How do I get a Shepard that's skeptical about the Reapers?

During the cutscene where you talk to Tali in Udina's office [The one immediately after the fight in the alley] choose the "Udina's right' option, this will make Shepard not believe the Reapers exist until speaking with Sovereign on Virmire right after touching the beacon. After talking with Sovereign, Shepard will act the same as Vanilla and believe in the Reaper threat, but only if the mod was applied before the conversation with Sovereign was triggered. 

Also if this mod is applied and a save file that is after this conversation is loaded the game will assume that shepard is Skeptical. If you want a shepard that believes their visions from Eden Prime were of the Reapers, but don't want to restart to before the Sovereign conversation or before recruiting tali then use Trilogy save editor Raw Plot --->  Boolleans ---> check bool 503 ---> save ---> load that save; the game will now act as though you had agreed with Tali. I have not tested whether the proper plot flags will trigger if you get Liara after Virmire and apply this mod after the Sovereign so It is best to apply this mod before then just to be safe. 

Can I make a Skeptical Shepard believe in the Reapers before Virmire?

Not without using the trilogy save editor. The two opportunities for Shepard to believe in the Reapers are during the conversation with Udina at the beginning of the game [where the option is voluntary] and when speaking with Sovereign where if Shepard was skeptical before, they'll then believe in the Reapers. 

Do I need a Shepard that's Skeptical of the Reapers to opt-out of the mind-melding scenes with Liara? 

No, you do not since these are unrelated plot Variables for the mod. In fact, originally I was going to make them separate mods but then decided that they fit together nicely and since the skeptical part edited the council debrief after Therum I didn't want to have to make more patches than I needed to since I'm still extremely new to the modding scene.  

This part of the mod can be enjoyed at any point in the game where the player has not yet discovered that Ilos is the location that they need. 

How do I opt out of the mind-melding scene with Liara?

Choose the "forget it" option when Liara suggests the mind meld and then either "I'll consider it" or "I said no" Both options will have Shepard not have to do the mind meld.
I think there's one where "forget it" isn't an option but on that dialogue wheel choose the "hell no" option and it will lead to the same result.

What does agreeing with Sparatus in the post-therum council debrief do?

Not a thing aside from letting Shepard voice that they share a suspicion of Liara. I just felt like it was weird for Shepard to 100% automatically trust Liara [Especially since she lampshades how everyone is perfectly reasonable to be suspicious of her] regardless of what she says so I wanted to give the player a chance where they could agree with the most argumentative Councilor when he brings up. 

Don't Like? Don't download it and move on. It's that easy. 

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