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Changes Miranda's catsuits to a modified version of Ashley's default outfit from LE3.

Permissions and credits

This DLC mod replaces both of Miranda's vanilla catsuits with a modified version of Ashley's default outfit from LE3 on the ship, missions and in the prologue section after you exit the CC. The outfit has been reshaped to fit Miranda's proportions better, so it's not a direct port of Ashley's outfit. I've also edited her romance body mesh for consistency, and added an option to the "Classy" version of this mod to also replace her hair in her third outfit option (the black cerberus armor).

You can also choose to replace her outfit in the intro cutscene, but because many other mods modify this file as well I've made it optional to avoid compatibility issues with the base mod.

Due to the amount of patches the installer is separated into three versions:

  1. Miranda's Vanilla hairstyle Version
  2. Femshep's "Classy" hairstyle Version
  3. BubbleButton's Miranda Hair Replacer - Option 1 Version - install that mod first for the options to unlock

Also, before anyone requests this: I will not be making an option to mix and match the hairstyles. 


  1. Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. Drag and drop the zip file to the manager and import mods.
  2. Choose which DLC version you want to use from the list and install the mod.


in Mod Manager, choose "Manage Target" for LE2 and disable or delete the mod.



  • Compatibility patches for More Gay Romances for LE2 and Casual Hubs for LE2 are included and auto-applied for both Vanilla and Classy hairstyle versions, so if using both mods install those first. For the Bun version, you'll need to choose the options manually.
  • I've provided a patch for Genesis Intro Dialogue Undo Mod for the Intro Cutscene add-on, since it's the only mod that affects Miranda's content in that file.

Known Issues

  • The modified romance body mesh will not fit perfectly with Miranda's animations in the cutscene (= she will still be opening the suit from the side like the vanilla version). This is something I simply cannot fix at this time.
  • There is at least one terminal in the prologue section where she's still wearing her vanilla outfit, which I likely cant fix since her appearance is coming from the level file and editing it would add more incompatibilities to this mod.
  • The vanilla mshep/miranda romance culmination scene has not been tested in gameplay (sorry) but it should be working as intended, since I made the same modifications for the More Gay Romances mod version. 
  • This mod does not yet edit Miranda's squadmate selection screen images. I will add those to optional files at some point, when I have more time to work on them.


BubbleButton for allowing me to use her Miranda Hair Replacer mod for the bun hairstyle option. Thank you again.
linkenski for allowing me to make a patch for the Genesis Intro Dialogue Undo Mod
Mentlegen3218 for allowing me to make a patch for the More Gay Romances mod
rondeeno for allowing me to make a patch for the Casual Hubs mod