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This is a replacer for Miranda's hair. This is only for LE2. Replaces Miranda's hair for the prologue!

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So I decided I wanted to replace Miranda's hair with one of my  mixtures. I've made it into a DLC in case anyone else wants to use it. 

I am happy to announce that it now works for the prologue!! Except the very start for when she's talking to the Elusive man.

Thanks to ThaliaGraces this mod is now compatible with (ME2LE) No Headgear for Squadmates. To remove the visor for Miranda install version 1.10 and it'll give the option to remove her visor. ThaliaGraces mod will be needed to remove the rest of the LE2 Normandy crews helmets/visors/glasses. 

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager is needed for installation.

To uninstall simply remove the file DLC_MOD_NPCHR from your LE2 DLC folder

Update 1.1: A second option for Miranda. There are pictures uploaded for anyone that wants to see it. Enjoy! :)
Update 1.2: A third option for Miranda. There are pictures uploaded for anyone that want to see it. Enjoy! :)
Update 1.3: A fourth option for Miranda. It's just the second option but the bangs are on the opposite side to better match with Miranda's hairline. Enjoy! :)

Update 1.4: This simply adds the replacements for her Vixen and ROM files. It didn't seem to affect anything but I figure it's better to be safe than sorry and maybe, hopefully, it keeps her hair from reverting to vanilla. However the intro scene when Shepard is waking up still has her vanilla hair. -Massive bugs and an unplayable update.

Update 1.5: Alright so this still has the replacements for her Vixen and ROM files but has extra stuff to keep it from glitching the game. Unfortunately I've discovered that, for the entire prologue, she will have vanilla hair. It'll change on your way to Freedom's Progress. So I'm guessing that her prologue is a different file altogether but I have no clue which. 

IMPORTANT: Miranda will now have her hair for the prologue. Except for her conversation with the Elusive man. I don't think I can replace that one. I still don't know about the romance but I think I may have fixed that as well. But not 100% sure. So if anyone manages to test it out, please let me know. Thanks to Lumbago99 I do know that, for update 1.6, if you have her loyalty outfit equipped it works but the outfit itself reverts to vanilla. (That's a bioware thing, not this mod.)

Update 1.6: This replaces the hair for her DLC outfit. I forgot to add the DLC outfit so it was showing as vanilla.
Update 1.7: Now works for the prologue!! Enjoy! :)
Update 1.8: This is a fix for hair option 4. Her hair is so dark that I didn't even see that it was clipping into her head.

Update 1.9: Turns out this mod was making vanilla hair disappear. So far I've fixed the problem. I'll be doing additional testing to make sure Miranda's hair doesn't disappear. However do not use Miranda's hair for shepard or it'll revert Miranda back to vanilla. It should also be noted this is a simple fix for anyone that doesn't want to reinstall. Go into the file and remove the PCC that says BIOG_HMF_HIR and then reapply your mod. That'll make it so the vanilla hair's show up for femshep. Enjoy! :)

Update 1.10: This adds the option to remove Miranda's visor from her DLC outfit so that it's compatible with (ME2LE) No Headgear for Squadmates. Credit for this update goes solely to ThaliaGraces whose help, patience and resources got this uploaded. Thank you so much ThaliaGraces! :)

Update 1.11: So it turns out her hair was showing up for the Illusive man conversation and then caused the game to crash during the Normandy attack. I believe I've fixed the problem. Her modded hair will not show up for the Illusive man conversation at the very, very start. It will for when Shepard wakes up in the Lazarus Project level and from then on. Normally I would provide instructions for those that don't wish to reinstall but this update also may fix an issue with her hair reverting back to normal during her romance scene with the default outfit. Turns out I had missed a number with the actual PCC name. Hopefully this fixes any issues thus far. :)