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More Gay Romances is a mod for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition that adds more same-gender romance options to the game. As of this version, Miranda and Jack have been added as romance options for FemShep in LE2. Future releases will add Miranda and Jack as romance options for FemShep in LE3.

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This mod is in BETA
Please report any bugs or unexpected behavior

Troubleshooting Tip: If you encounter a conversation which does not have audio, save and reload right before the conversation and try again. Odds are this will fix your issue. I’m working on a long term solution for this bug. I will remove this tip once I’m certain it’s fixed for good.

Update v0.6: The issue mentioned above should be fixed. Please post a bug report if you still manage to encounter it after installing the latest version.
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More Gay Romances for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
FemShep & Miranda Romance for ME2

FemShep & Miranda Romance for ME3
FemShep & Jack Romance for ME2
FemShep & Jack Romance for ME3

More Gay Romances
 is a mod for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition that adds more same-gender romance options to the game. As of this version, Miranda and Jack have been added as romance options for FemShep in LE2. Future releases will add Miranda and Jack as romance options for FemShep in LE3. 
Originally, many Mass Effect squadmates were intended to be romance options for both BroShep and FemShep. At some point in development, this decision was changed and many romance options were restricted to either BroShep or FemShep. As a result, many same-gender romances were left cut and unfinished.

More Gay Romances uses a combination of cut content and re-purposed dialogue to deliver fully voiced gay romances with Miranda and Jack. While there is a fair amount of cut content in the game files for these romances, there is also quite a bit of dialogue that was left unvoiced. To address this problem, this mod re-purposes dialogue from other areas of the game to fill in for any unvoiced dialogue. This mod also touches up many gestures and face animations that were left unfinished and janky.

This mod can be installed at any point during the game, but you will still need to follow all the normal rules for romancing a squadmate. If you lose a squadmate's loyalty, they will break up with you. If you have fully romanced another squadmate already, the new squadmate will not be interested until you have broken up with the first. If you break up with a squadmate, you will be locked out of their romance for the rest of your current playthrough.
Mod Features
1. Remove gender restrictions from Miranda and Jack's romances
2. Restore all cut dialogue for same-gender romances with Miranda and Jack
3. Replace all unrecorded dialogue with re-purposed lines taken from other areas of the game
4. Ensure proper lip-sync and facial animations during romance scenes
5. Fix any broken or awkward body animations during romance scenes
6. Create compatibility patches for other mods as necessary
Please thoroughly read the Installation section before downloading and installing this mod.
To install this mod, you will need ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
You can download it here:

How to Install

  1. Install ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  2. Run ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  3. Download this mod (It should be a .7z file)
  4. Drag the file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  5. Click Import Mod (This imports the mod into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager)
  6. Click Apply Mod (This applies the mod to your game)
  7. Done!
How to Uninstall
  1. Run ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
  2. Click Manage Target near the top right
  3. Locate More Gay Romances for LE2 or LE3
  4. Click Disable (LE3 only) to simply turn-off the mod, or click Delete to completely uninstall the mod from your game
  5. If you choose Disable (LE3 only), you can re-enable the mod at any time by clicking Enable
  6. Done!
Mod Compatibility
  • Texture Mods are compatible, as long as you install them AFTER this mod
  • While you can technically install content mods like this after texture mods, I advise against it as various incorrect textures will appear
  • Most content mods are compatible as long as they do not edit the same files
  • I will build out this list as more mods are released.
Not Compatible:
  • Any of the Butt Shot Restoration mods, they edit the same files and would need a patch
  • Any mods that edit the same files (I will list them here if I see any more)
Mod Credits
- Project Lead, Lead Developer for Miranda and Jack romances
Gabe - Graphic Designer, Creator of the mod banner and images
Special Thanks
Khaar - Thank you for all of your kind words and support of this mod, and for always offering feedback when I needed it
Gabe - Thank you for always being supportive of this mod, and for your awesome work creating the banner image
Beccatoria - Thank you for all your guidance which has significantly improved my modding skills, as well as all of your testing assistance
ThaliaGraces - Thank you for always being supportive of this mod and for always offering feedback, and also for your testing assistance
D0lphin - Thank you for always being kind and supportive of this mod, and for always offering feedback and guidance
Audemus - Thank you for all your hard work as our community manager and for all of your feedback and suggestions
Jade - Thank you for all of your kind words and support of this mod, and for suggesting the Jack romance mod in the first place
Lunkensko - Thank you for teaching me the ins and outs of dialogue editing when I was very new to modding
Rondeeno - Thank you for creating Same-Gender Romances and making this game so much more inclusive
Deager - Thank you for helping me understand the basics of editing AnimCutscenes so I could edit the final Citadel DLC scene
Mgamerz, SirC, and the ME3Tweaks Team - Thank you for spearheading the entire Mass Effect modding scene

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