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About this mod

This is an exhaustive, easy to install graphical overhaul mod for the Mass Effect Trilogy. Designed to work with MEUITM.

Permissions and credits

CREDIT : The textures included in this mod are for the most part not authored by me. Full list here.
Many thanks to AlvaroMe, commositore, cristi1990an, DeadMeat, ELE08, Ellise, JeanLuc761, JimbobJeffers, MaryseDynasty, Mgamerz, mylastsong18, smarteck, sulezraz, Tarshana and ThinkBlueN7, for letting me use their work here. A huge thank you to CDAMJC as well, for working on releasing a new version of MEUITM, compatible with MEM.
Thank you also to aquadran (MassEffectModder), AlvaroMe (Spreadsheet Master), Mgamerz (ALOT Installer) and KFreon (ImageEngine).


ALOT for ME1 was created as a complementary to MEUITM, but can also be used as a standalone mod. Together, the 2 mods strive to upgrade Mass Effect 1's graphics to today's standards. ALOT for ME1 adds around 350 high resolution textures to MEUITM, with minimal overlap. The goal is to achieve the best look possible, while remaining very close to the vanilla (unmodded) style. Comparison screenshots available here.

Featured on RockPaperShotgun, Kotaku (english), Gry-Online (polish), PCGames (german) !

If you want the technical detail :


0. Install content mods before ALOT (eg Controller Support mod, etc). Don't install MEUITM specific editions of these mods.
If you want to use MEUITM, you can install it before or after ALOT. There is no overlap, so the order does not matter.
1. Download the Installer from the downloads section, here on Nexus.
2. Follow the overly detailed installation tutorial available here. ALOT is now installed.
3. Install any other texture mods you want, after ALOT, using the Installer.
To install TPF, DDS, MOD mods, simply run the Installer, drag & drop them on it, and click install. Make sure the user files box
is checked.

To uninstall, use the Installer's backup & restore functionality (see guide above). By restoring an unmodded (vanilla) backup, you can revert your game to its initial state. If you don't have a backup, the only way to vanilla your game is to remove the game's folder and redownload it through Origin.

If you have any issues or questions, first read the FAQ (see below) to see if it is already answered there. If it isn't, come over on Discord and discuss it with us. You can also join us there to talk about ALOT, modding, or whatever you want :).

Further Graphical Improvements

Check out ALOT for ME2, ALOT for ME3 !

ME1 INI Settings.
Optimal INI settings are already automatically applied by MEM. It is ill-advised to further change INI settings related to graphics. Full list of changes available here.

NVIDIA / AMD Control Panel.
The truly essential settings to enable are Anti-Aliasing (use 4xSGSSAA), Ambient Occlusion (use HBAO, the game uses SSAO) and Triple Buffering (thanks brkbeatjunkie for the research). Guide available here. The other useful settings available are already modified by MEM, directly in the game's INI settings.
Careful however, tweaking these settings will drop your FPS. Make sure your computer can take it. Bad tweaks may also cause graphical glitches (this video for example, will make your game look like that).

ENBs, SweetFX and other graphical enhancement tools.
Here are some examples : SweetFX and ENB for ME1, others can be found here.
The Cinema Mod is best for, you guessed it, cinematic, atmospheric graphics. Send screenshots !


1. Download the Installer from the downloads section, if you don't have it anymore. Run it. If you still have it, run it all the same, the Installer will auto update.
2. The Installer will tell you if an update is available and how to install it. If the major version of ALOT you have installed (e.g. 6.0) is different than the newest, you will have to restore your game first.


1. General Advice
  • Pirated copies of ME1 and its DLCs may or may not work, in any case, they won't be supported.
  • Turn Origin's auto update setting off. Otherwise, Origin can overwrite modded game files with the originals without asking. If that happens, reinstall everything.
  • Avira and Bitdefender were reported to cause issues with MEM and the Installer. As a general rule, deactivate your antivirus when installing ALOT.

2. Is ALOT compatible with [insert popular mod here] ?
Don't install mods or patches built specifically for MEUITM, follow the same instructions as if your game doesn't have MEUITM.
Install all content mods (eg Controller Support, etc) before ALOT.
Install all texture and meshes mods (ie TPF, DDS or MOD files) after ALOT, so they'll overwrite ALOT.
To install TPF, DDS, MOD mods, simply run the Installer, drag & drop them on it, and click install.
For more generic information about mod formats, read this article.

3. How do I make a backup ?
You can backup and restore your game from the Installer's interface. Look into the Settings menu. Your game needs to be unmodded.

4. Installer not running ?
Applications like RivaTuner or MSI Afterburner can prevent the Installer from launching, for some reason. Disable these applications, install ALOT, then enable them again.

5. Cannot save the game ?
The antivirus Avast has been reported to block the game's access to the saves folder, for some obscure reason. Deactivate it and you should be able to save.