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Kinkojiro Rondeeno and the Recalibrated team

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A patch/bug fix mod, this fixes a number of unresolved issues with Mass Effect. MUST be installed before ALOT or MEUITM texture mods.

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09 Jan 2019 - Read this new article on the Recalibrated Mod Series

ME1Recalibrated (ME1Re) removes a number of small but annoying bugs in Mass Effect. Edits are in the spirit of the "unofficial patches" for TES games, and efforts will be made to retain compatibility with other mods. 

ME1Re is an open project if other authors have contributions then please contact Kinkojiro / Moho25 to have them added.

List of fixes:

Elanos Haliat - as was originally intended the instigator of the Skyllian Blitz is now a Turian.

Kaidan Unique Bastion Armor - a unique armor for Kaidan based on his ME2 horizon look.

Cutscene Fixes

Citadel Fixes - Various fixes on the Citadel

Normandy & Galaxy Map Fixes - Small fixes and restorations to the galaxy map and on the Normandy.

Mission Fixes - Miscellaneous fixes on mission planets

Elevator News Fixes

Text & Journal Fixes

Optional Mission Timings Module

If players have other suggestions (within reason) please add them to the comments section.


IMPORTANT:  Install this mod before any texture mods (such as MEUITM and ALOT).  When installing ALOT or MEUITM make sure MEM is updated to the latest version (should happen automatically). The ME3Tweaks Mod Manager version is recommended, especially if you are using ALOT, the content is identical only the installation method (DLC v overwrite) changes.

Mod Manager version: Drag and drop the 7z onto Mod Manager.  Apply the mod.  The mod works entirely via a DLC (no default folders are changed). We recommend using the mod manager version because it updates automatically (so we can add minor updates quickly), compresses much better, allows easy installation and bug finding via the use of DLC structures, integrates with ALOT and is becoming the standard for ME1 mods.

Exe Version: Just run the exe installer.  You can select which changes you want made.  Note the exe version contains portions via a DLC folder, and portions replace certain files. It cannot be uninstalled without reinstalling the entire game. Note a few users report a problem with the EA Origin version of the game and using the exe installer.  If you can't launch switch to the Mod Manager one.

The mod requires the Bring Down the Sky free DLC to be installed as well.  The game must be patched to the final version 1.02.

Upgrading from an old version: You cannot upgrade if MEUITM/ALOT have already been installed.

Uninstallation (Mod Manager versions): Delete or disable via Mod Manager.  You will not be able to reinstall again if ALOT/MEUITM have been installed, but deletion will work.

Save Locking - Using saves made with old versions of ME1RE: When we first developed the ability to use DLC mods, we didn't realise that the saves made with ME1RE would be locked into using ME1RE permanently. Trying to load a locked save in ME1 without having that enabled will result in a message saying "ME1 Recalibrated DLC cannot be found".

From version 2.1 this has been removed from ME1RE, but unfortunately existing saves still require save locking enabled. Mod Manager will give you the option to install the save locking feature if you want to use old saves. Be aware that all future saves will also be save locked if this option is enabled.

It has no effect on ME2 imports or on saves made without ME1RE, you can use those saves without a problem.

ME1Recalibrated is in English only. If you install it on another language then none of the text fixes will appear. Some changes, such as Elanos Haliat and Cinematic fixes, should work but have not been tested.

Mod Compatibility: ME1RE should be compatible with most of the widely used mods (Faster Elevators, Same Sex Romances etc), especially DLC mods. ME1RE as a general bug fixing mod mounts the lowest of all DLC mods (at 5). If modders are looking to edit a file contained in ME1RE and want to include compatibility, please ask us and we will be happy to help.

If you use the higher resolution videos of ALOV the version 2.0 install includes upgraded movies that are compatible with ME1RE. During the arriving at the Citadel, ME1RE uses a slightly longer version of the arrival movie, which better syncs the audio and allows the scene to work without interruption as it does on the Xbox version.

Using an AMD Processor with ME1:  ME1 has an optimisation for a AMD cpu instruction set that was removed by AMD on all CPUs since 2010.  If you CPU is AMD we recommend using the Black Blobs fix for AMD CPU users mod.  This bug is not fixed by ME1RE.

Note on Text changes:   ME1RE fixes spelling mistakes, typos and factual lore errors (e.g. a Salarian body being marked as Cerberus), but doesn't change style, units and various other text inconsistencies. If you want those changes in addition to ME1RE's you should check out Mass Effect Overwritten.

Fix Contributors
Furinax (Bastion Armor art)

Many thanks to those players who gave their detailed suggestions, found bugs and tested solutions.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the toolkit.

Thanks to Aquadran for his help