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ENB and SweetFX for Mass Effect. This is a place and play, no adjustments required. Mass effect 2 and 3 compatible. Check notes. Can be used with any texture pack or add-on. Reshade version also available.

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A File of the Month
for March 2016

Thanks very much all.

To Install:

ENB/SwtFX Version. PnP version

Download and extract to the following location :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect\Binaries
Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mass Effect\Binaries.
GoG: C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Mass Effect\Binaries

Reshade/SwtFX Version. Installer version

Download and run the ReShade Setup.exe from the rar file or extract the contents to a folder on your desktop and run it.
Direct it to the MassEffect.exe in the game folder. Run it and then set to direct3d 9 after.
When completed, close the bar, then start game normally.

Start and play. (Adjust ingame settings)

To Uninstall: Simply goto the game folder and remove any file references (D3 or DX files, reshade, enb and sweetfx files)

Rename the dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll

Thanks to Candyland

Additional Setups:

Nvidia Users. Enable DSR in your Nvidia control panel (as shown here), under the global settings. (I checked all the boxes to allow for all the resolutions).

ATI Users: Enable VSR here.

ENB Version
If Game appears extremely dark and saturated.
Make this alteration to Mass Effect 1 settings.txt in the sweetFX\Preset folder. Change the #define USE_SMAA_ANTIALIASING to 0.

If you experience micro-stutters or gameplay issues.
Also, open enbseries.ini in the \Binaries folder and change the line under [GLOBAL] AllowAntialias=1 to AllowAntialias=0.


Additional Setup Note:

After the mod is working. Try the following to determine your preference.  Goto Documents\(BioWare or My Games)\Mass Effect\Config and edit the BIOEngine.ini. Under [SystemSettings] alter the line DepthOfField=  between TRUE and FALSE to  determine your preference. This will effect bloom and radiance. FALSE can also look clearer for some.
As well, this alteration should be made, goto Documents\Bioware or My Games\Mass Effect\Config and edit the BIOEngine.ini. Set the following line DisableHWShadowMaps on False. (This change will be applied to all games, only needs done once)

If the game appears to dark after adjusting ingame lighting, make the following change to the sweetfx setting file. #define HDRPower 0.9901 and #define radius2 0.87

Settings to try:  After the mod is running (Tweaking)

Run the MassEffectConfig.exe located in Mass Effect\Binaries.
Try the game with and with out Dynamic Shadows to determine your preference.
Try adjusting your ingame gamma/lighting.

For MEUITM users.
While in the config utility, click on the Repair along the left side. Click the bar at the bottom of the repair options, Delete Local Shader Cache
Files (Done)
This is a step I found on the MEUITM mod that helps with the game.
Mod Information.

This is a combination of several different setting files and programs I found I could use with one another (after some adjustments) for Mass Effect 1.
Check image files for ingame setup.
This can be used in combination with any texture packs or add-ons.
To make adjustments to ENB, alter the enbseries.ini configuration settings file, found in the Binaries folder.
To make adjustments to Sweetfx, go to Binaries\SweetFX\Presets and alter the Mass Effect 1 settings.txt file.
The default settings file is located in the Binaries folder, SweetFX_settings.txt, however it is not used for the settings as the SweetFX_preset.txt file is directing it to the presets folder (alter to match, if you make change to location or name of settings file).

Reshade version. Alter the SweetFX_settings.txt to make changes.
Check sweetfx/docs for info and hotkeys.

Origin Users will be happy to know, that using the Printscreen, will now generate ingame screenshots.
They can be found placed in the Binaries folder.
Use FastStone Image Viewer, to convert them to jpg or other formats.

Alter ENB and SweetFX settings as you like.
Full ENB Download available here.
Full Sweetfx Download available here.
For further information check here.


Trouble Shooting: Mod

If the game fails to start or the graphics are incorrect ingame, try switching the D3D9.dll with one from the altd3d9 folder.
Copy one of the four and paste it over the existing one in the game folder.
Try each one, until you locate the one appropriate for your video card.

Install the DX9 final release if you haven't done so previously. DX9 Final Release June2010
DX install: Download and run the file, tell it to extract to c:\dx, then after goto c:\dx and run the dxsetup file.

Check to make sure you are using the newest graphics drivers.
Try disabling any turbo or overclocking software.

If you experience issues with the ENB D3D9 try this: CTD, Graphics issues.
Replace the d3d9.dll with one of the alternates provided.
Updated version contains altd3d9 folder with alternate ENB launchers included.

Nvidia users can also use this mod (Thanks to khalilsm) to allow the game to run if you have any issues.
Rename the ENB d3d9.dll that came with this mod to d3d9orig.dll and place the
d3d9.dll from that mod with it in the game folder.


Trouble Shooting: Game

If you are using a pre-steam, or non-steam retail version. Goto Origin and setup an account. You can add your game by cd key and it will register and run from there. Allowing you access to updates and add-ons available for the game.
After getting the updated version of the game and you have it working, re-apply the mod.
Migrating your EA Games.
The list is a little dated (3yrs) so it doesn't list more recent updates, but it's information is helpful. Disregard some of the old results, I was able to register my Mass Effect through Origin (although this list says it was rejected in their attempt). If you have any issues contact a rep to help add  your game, it usually takes about 5 minutes.


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Thanks to Christian Jensen ( and Crosire for reshade and sweetfx.
Thanks for enb by Boris Vorontsov.
I hope you find these programs and adjustments helpful at making your Mass Effect game more enjoyable.