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LEGO Jurassic Park Map from LEGO Jurassic World videogame recreated in Jurassic World Evolution

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I recreated the LEGO Jurassic Park map used in LEGO Jurassic World in Jurassic World Evolution, it's not 100% accurate but I think I got pretty close, I might update it if I make some changes. The save file says it took 85 hours to make so probably a little less than that.

Feel free to look around, fill the park with more dinosaurs or make changes to the park itself if you feel like it :).
Features working Park Tour, paddocks and buildings thanks to invisible paths and removed building restrictions.

To fill Herbivore Territory, I placed Euoplocephalus from the original novel, and in Carnivore Territory I placed Herrerasaurus from Jurassic Park The Game.
Goat feeder from T.Rex paddock disabled to avoid filling the enclosure with, well, goats.

DLC's Required:
  • RTJP 
  • Claire's Sanctuary
  • Secrets of Dr. Wu
  • Carnivore Pack

Mods Required:

Mods Recommended:

How to install:
go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Jurassic World Evolution\HUGENUMBER\Saves
paste .sandbox file there

I haven't tested yet but the save file might not work with Expanded Islands mod since I built the park without that mod.

Huge thanks to the modding comunity for making this possible.
Sorry for the wait ;)