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A re-work of the JWE environment

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Environment Rework Version 2.2!

Scenery Items Update

The scenery items have been made into their own separate items. These are new items and will not replace anything. The new items are listed below.

-Rock 7
-Rock 8
-Rock 9
-Rock 10
-Rock 11
-Rock 12
-Rock 13
-Rock 14
-Giant Redwood
-Long Grass (also works well as reeds)
-Fallen Log
-Thorn Plant (from TLW:JP PS1 game)

The main download still features the rock replacements if anybody would prefer that, otherwise just don't install them.

Due to the rocks now using signs as a base, the hitbox is tiny on them, allowing you to better merge the rocks together. The downside to this is they disappear near the edge of the screen more than before. To make up for this I scaled them down slightly, but they still work to make caves and nicer rock formations.

Note to other enviro modders (or people that know how to use the cobra tools): Because the rocks are now separate scenery items, they won't be consistent with other environment mods. This can easily be fixed by editing the 'enrw1_scr_signs_001' textures inside 'Enrw1_Visitors_Shared' and adding new textures to them. Other modders can easily edit this file and upload a compatibility patch with the appropriate file changes to their mod page if they so wish.

The Fallen Redwood is now available in this mod as a separate item: Standalone Scenery Pack 1
The Ferns seen in the screenshots are available in my other scenery item pack: Isla Sorna Scenery Items


Version 2.2.2 Changes

  • Merged rock texture update into main file and removed all replacement scenery from the main download, making it easier to download and install. If you already have all the above stuff, you don't need to download again.


Version 2.2.1 Changes

  • Slight Edits to the rock and prop rock textures . 
  • Rock texture - Slight colour changed and reduced tiling. Also removed the noisy black mess that was visible. The texture is much clearer and nicer to look at
  • Rock prop texture - same as the rock texture. It is also more consistent with the rock texture for better blending

Check the new uploaded images titled 'Update 2.2.1' to see the new rock textures in game.

Version 2.2 Changes

Images have all been updated with latest version features.

  • Tweaked all ground textures, some more than others, to look better overall.
  • Reduced tiling on shrub grass and main grass.
  • Fixed the grass colour fade off.
  • changed the texture of the rock brush to remove the white obvious tiling part. Still kept a splash of white in for variety

  • Improved the distance LOD colour on foliage, the foliage in the distance should stay consistent with foliage in the foreground
  • Changed the texture of the Rock prop. Blends better into the rest of the environment
  • Added 2 new rock replacements. (All rocks are now replaced)
  • Rock 2 is a general nicer rock. Chunky boulder.
  • Rock 4 is a large floating rock piece. you can use this to make caves, or cliff details

IMPORTANT: Although making caves is somewhat doable, due to the large rock size replacement, there can be lighting and model clipping due to the games Occlusion. It's pretty fine from above, and you can still get nice views inside, but it does happen still. 


Previous versions will still be available in the download section, but version 2 will be one big download

notes: All images were taken using my custom reshade, which I have included in the mod.


All ground textures have been remade. They look sharper, more detailed and more realistic. The overall look is still similar to the original aim of the Environment rework, however I've taken the look slightly more realistic and gone further into the 'TLW' style look. I love TLW, and basically just want the game to have a more Lost World vibe. Many inspirations came from Trespasser, TLW JP PS1 Game and of course the movie itself, whilst still looking up references of real life locations. All the foliage has also been retextured, to a degree. All the bark has new textures, where as the grass, leaves, bushes ect have been toned down to look darker, so the overall look of the environment is more consistent.

More rock model remakes have been added and the Fallen Redwood has now been made into a redwood tree, that replaces redwood tree 3, so it can now have the redwood tree bark. The main description below has been updated slightly with new images and text, so go ahead and see what's included!

I have also included my Reshade settings that I have been using for the past few years now. I made the mod whilst using my reshade settings so they go well together, but that doesn't mean you need it. It's just a nice feature. It sharpens the image and plays with the saturation overall some more. Very minor.



Jurassic World Evolution's environments felt rather dull to me and so I have created this mod to try and make the game more visually appealing. The primary feature here is the retexture of the terrain. New textures add more detail and colour variation between the different brushes, such as dirt and shrub. In addition, some of the props have gotten a re-work, including rocks and trees. More will come as I work on the mod.

What's Included?

Many aspects of Jurassic World Evolutions environment has been altered with this mod ranging from terrain textures to scenery items. New terrain textures have been added to give more life into the environment and some rocks have been re-worked. There is also the addition of fallen tree logs that replace certain scenery items. scroll down to learn more about what's included.

  • New Scenery Items have been added as standalone objects and can be found as a separate download (Ferns are from my Isla Sorna scenery items pack

  • All the main terrain textures have been replaced, from grass to sand, rock to shale. The textures add more detail and colour to Jurassic World Evolution's environments, replacing that constant green look the game has. The grass, shale and rock textures are now much more detailed than before and look much nicer compared to the green noise. Shrub textures have been replaced with a forest floor style texture, to make forest feel more like actual forests. Sand has been made to look less like wavy beach sand, and more like desert sand that will fit better around general park use. Mixing with the new dark dirt texture creates some nice results.
  • V2 features more detailed and natural looking textures that blend much nicer together. V1 had very vibrant and saturated textures, that were very contrasty with each other and were pretty blurry. V2 aims to fix that

  • Rock 4 has been replaced with a large floating rock chunk. This can be used to create cliff edges, or caves! Although its very rough, it does sort of work, but it does have some issues. There can be lighting and model clipping due to the games occlusion at certain angles, and due to the rock collision, it can be finicky getting rocks to meet and fill holes. But it is doable, and you can still put feeders inside for the dinosaurs to use (see images)

  • All of the foliage has also been given a facelift. New bark textures for all trees, and the grass and leaves of all the foliage have been toned down darker to fit with the environments overall aim of achieving a more TLW look. The game looks more natural now compared to vanilla.

  • Some of the rock scenery items have also received a makeover. I have remodelled Rock 1 into a more interesting looking formation, rather than just a hump looking thing. It also adds some nice verticality to the environment. Rock 5 is now a much larger and angled rock. Rock 3 is a large square formation, and rock 6 is somewhat like 'Pride Rock'. I recommend using the Expanded Terrain tools with these rocks to help sculpt the ground around them better.
  • You can choose to install which ever rocks you want.
  • These can also be downloaded as separate items in the downloads section

  • LOGS! You can now get fallen trees in Jurassic World Evolution. They look nice but there are some issues.
  • Log 1 looks a bit spiky, but this is because I basically just took the redwood and laid it flat. It replaces Redwood number 2, and is no longer a rock!
  • Log 2 is much nicer. This log replaces Tree number 2 and so now has bark and leaves growing on it for extra detail. 1 small issue though, the log wiggles slightly, but the leaves covering the log hide this anyway, kinda.
  • The Fallen redwood can now be downloaded seperate from the 'Standalone Scenery Pack 1' and the leafy log from the separate scenery items on this mod page

  • The Reshade is an additional option when downloading the mod. It will sharpen the image and make the colour grade more natural and darker. The difference is very minor and it is easier to see the differences in game. The mod was made using this preset so accompanies the mod well, but it is NOT a requirement. 

  • The aim of this mod was to make the game look and feel more natural, with The Lost World: Jurassic Park as heavy inspiration. Darker environments with less saturated plant life. The colour palette of the mod was inspired by games such as Jurassic Park: Trespasser and TLW for PS1. I wanted the game to feel more like these did and I feel I have managed to achieve that. However, there's always more work to be done...


1. unzip the zip files with something like winzip
2. Navigate to your game directory, typically in : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution
3. drag the ovldata folder from the download into the win64 folder


1. Go here to download and install reshade: Home (reshade.me)
2. Watch this video on how to install and set it up correctly:  Reshade Video 
3. drag my included .ini file into your JWE directory.


  • new scenery item redwood base icon doesn't work. There's an issue changing them atm, though it works when you hover over.
  • Rocks clip near edge of the screen

  • New foliage icons are still redwood as atm they cannot be replaced. They work when you hover over them though
  • Rocks clip near the edge of the screen at certain angles

!!!Make sure you back up your files before doing so!!! 

If you lose stuff, it ain't my fault. I warned you.