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Fixes JWE bugs. Complete mixed eras. Optional pre-injected Enhanced Terrain Tools version.
Doesn't affect Campaigns or JW Challenge. Removes all limits on buildings in Sandbox. Adds new special buildable tracks. Works with all DLC buildings, only needs Return to Jurassic Park.

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The Ultimate Mixed Eras experience.

IMPORTANT: When updating to 1.6.4 from a previous version:

Mixed Eras
  • All JW and JP buildings available in JP Sandbox.
  • All special buildings. (operations centre - arrival tunnel - arrival monorail station - monorail gates - tour gates)
  • No limits on the number of buildings in Sandbox (operation buildings/visitor centres/helipads/etc).
  • Makes Scientist guests spawnable in JP Era. Spawned using sciencey buildings.
  • BOTH Aviaries work in JP Era
  • All Ranger and ACU skins accessible in JP Era

New Features
  • Guest crossings for tour tracks.
  • Monorail Lookout Stops.
  • Jurassic Park gates for guest paths (if you have Expanded Paths, Pylons and Fences installed).
  • Enhanced Terrain Tools +
  • NO track, path or fence constraints
  • NO scenery constraints
  • NO terrain constraints
  • NO building clipping (Sandbox-only)
  • Increased slope when placing buildings
  • Underwater/Underground feeders
  • Remote Hatcheries at Arrival Helipads
  • Ingen Database and Expedition Map for Sandbox and Challenge Modes

Sandbox-Only Hatchery Upgrades
  • Hatchery Capacity 2.0: +3 slots (so you can use it alongside Speed/Success Rate)
  • Success Rate X: +1,000% viability
  • Incubation Speed X: Maximum incubation speed.

JP Challenge Mode
  • Access to all dinosaurs.
  • Access to all Dr. Wu gene slots.
  • Global Operations from Dr. Wu.

  • Doesn't affect any Campaigns. All new buildings/limits are ONLY for Sandbox.
  • Doesn't affect JW Challenge Mode.
  • Only adds the 3 stated changes to JP Challenge Mode.

No DLC Required
  • Return to Jurassic Park for the second era to exist.
  • All other DLC is optional.

  • There is an optional download that includes the pre-injected files of Enhanced Terrain Tools. This mod was made by Harlequinz Eg0, and they have very kindly allowed it to be uploaded in this form. If you use that version of the mod, please make sure you also download and leave an endorsement on the original mod page: Enhanced Terrain Tools by Harlequinz Eg0. Just because this mod comes with a download with pre-injected Terrain Tools doesn't mean that the original mod should get any less downloads.

This is the new version of JP Era Overhaul: Lite that has been split off from the main mod in Version 1.6.
For a more complete overhaul/fix to Jurassic Park Era, check out JP Era Overhaul -- JPEO.

This will contain any guides put together by myself or other content creators.

How To Install Ultimate Mixed Eras
Using Steam as an example, but the process on Epic is the same. Just Google "how to find game directory in Epic Launcher"