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This mod will add standalone 12 new scenery items related to Raptor Paddock in Jurassic World movie.
These items will appear just after the standard scenery trees, rocks, Park entrances.

Permissions and credits
Jurassic World Raptor Paddock Scenery Items V1.0 byRADRR1985
Greetings to all my fellow park managers,
I'm delighted to release my 6th mod for Jurassic World Evolution 1 and this is my 5th standalone scenery mod pack.
-This mod will add standalone 12 new scenery items to Jurassic World Evolution Game and they will appear just after the standard
scenery trees, rocks, Park entrances.
01. Raptor Paddock Side 1
02. Raptor Paddock Side 2
03. Raptor Paddock Side 3
04. Raptor Paddock Side 4
05. Raptor Paddock Side 5 part 1 (Cage)
06. Raptor Paddock Side 5 part 2 (Raptor Grooming Station)
07. Raptor Paddock Side 6
08. Raptor Paddock Side 7
09. Raptor Paddock Side 8
10. X shaped Intersecting walkways
11. Security Guard - Top of the paddock
12. Security Guard - Ground
Due to the games some of the limitations, I have to split Paddock building in to few parts. You have to place them like a modular system.
Just like my T.Rex paddock scenery items
Make sure to flatten the ground before you start. Otherwise, items will not be placed properly.
Also if you're going to place raptors or any other dinosaurs in this paddock, you will need to place the fence and I recommend using the
invisible fence mod for this.
If you are facing difficulties with placing an item to the correct elevation, you may need to adjust the ground and then try again.
I recommend to enable “Terrain Contour Lines” (Settings->Gameplay-> Terrain Contour Lines-> enable 2 check boxes), so you can
see the elevation map and fine tune the placement of these scenery items.
Please watch below YouTube Video to get some idea about the functionality of this mod.

DLC Requirements
-You do not need any other DLCs to use this mod, only base game is required.
MOD Requirements
-No other mods required.
-But you can get better results if you have installed Ultimate Mixed Eras Mod 1.7 (or latest) by Kaiodenic. (Removes scenery and
terrain constrains which is very useful). Otherwise you cannot place scenery
items on the paths or too close to buildings.
-if you have Invisible fence mod it will help you to create a proper enclosure like in movie and place raptors in the paddock.
- Also I recommend to use Expanded Islands map mod too. 
Installation Steps
-Download the Mod zip file (Size 12.1 MB)
-extract the downloaded .zip file
-Find the ovldata folder in your Game installation folder(For Example C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World
-Copy extracted folder in to ovldata folder like other scenery mods. Make sure to verify the path to init.ovl file and it should be
something similar to this. C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Jurassic World Evolution\Win64\ovldata\RaptorPadok1\Init.ovl
-Open the game and check the scenery items 
Known issues
- Once placed in the game, some scenery items might go invisible in different viewing angle. This is due to the scenery items having a
smaller hit box compared to actual 3D model, when the small hit box is not
inside your view, the model goes invisible.

My Effort
I have spent more than 100 Hours (80 hours make the 3D Model and around another 20 hours to finalize the mod with textures and game files).
My Expectation from Community
- Please respect the effort that all the modders put on this game or any other game, not only me, all the modders out there.
- We are not getting any benefit from doing these.
- Only thing we need is your love, respect and appreciation of these works. The best way to show this is add some good thoughts in the
comments, endorse the Mod after downloading it.
-Please come back after downloading the mod to add your thoughts and endorse the mod.
-If you’re using this mod for any other work, such as YouTube video, etc. please don’t forget to mention about me and provide the
link to this mod in the description.
Future plans
Depending on your endorsement, feedback and the free time I have, I may work on more mods in future.
Note of Thanks
To all the developers who developed this great game, without them I won't have the opportunity to play the game or do this Mod. 😊
Creators of Cobra-tools which made modding possible for JWE.
My special thank goes to HammerCS for supporting and encouraging me while I’m doing this work and Kaiodenic for his wonderful
Ultimate Mixed Eras Mod.
All the users of this mod and for your endorsements and for the feedback.
Enjoy the game with this mod and let me know your feedback in comments and don’t forget to endorse the mod if you like it. 😊