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A wearable JETPACK for your journey over commonwealth.

Permissions and credits
The next update was going to far, it became a new mod.
Thank you so much for the support of this mod for such a long time, I strongly recommend the next generation of jetpack mod here:

C.U.T.E - Customized Universal Tactical Equipment


Update 1.2 Change log

- Adding a global model (Jangles the moon monkey) to this personal jetpack, no more vanishing issue!

- As some people has reported the abnormal AP consumption, I have added 3 more records in v1.2, which significantly decreases the AP consumption, and slightly raises the speed. It is now with a reasonable duration and speed in my personal POV.

- According to the previous changes, it may cause conflict with other mods who also edit FormID B2A64 fJetpackDrainSustained, AND/OR B2A65 fJetpackTimeToSustained AND/OR 15AB8 fJetpackDrainInital, so be sure about the load order of these potential mods.
For example, if you prefer using the other mod that provides 0 consumption, or using the super speed jetpack mod, place them BEHIND this mod, which allowing them over-write the data.

- Making both slot 58 variations as main files, and leaving esp/mesh replacer as optional, which will probably be less confusing.

- Updated with my thanks to all of you.

What does this mod do?

Alternative way to leave the vault.

In this short video, I'd like to show the newest adjustment for male character (the larger scale optional mesh). Since I don't have any male character and being too lazy to create one from the beginning, so I just used the save file shared on Nexus.

*In short, I don't own the copyright for this face.

Really appreciated for these outstanding spotlight videos, thanks for your supports, I am honored.
And once again, thanks to the amazing jetpack model J3litzkrieg created and the editing work of nhimkoko. I didn't make it alone.

Update 1.11

- Adding Chem Lab recipe for non-Crafting Workbenches user
- Fixing FX reference (my mistake that didn't refer it correctly)

Minor Update for the models

Relocating the flame effect, also reduce the size of visual effect to 50% (or my butt will be a well-done steak, at least now it's just medium). Adding optional files to enlarge the jetpack for 10% for male and 20% for female character.

Optional Effects:

The jetpack in real life.
Seeing any flame?
Now you have the option to remove the flames, or even the smoke with it.

Unequip the jetpack and equip it again, or the visual effect changes may not be applied.


Adding a wearable jetpack item into the world. By wearing it, you now gain the jetpack ability AND IGNORE THE FALLING DAMAGE, completely.

as simple as that.

The armor slot is 61, only conflict with some specific things occupying slot 61. As far as I know, some backpack mod uses this slot. However, I won't allow you to wear a backpack and the jetpack at the same time.... so, let's say there won't easily be a conflict with the others.

There is a minor thing about this jetpack, probably not worthy to mention, but I also gave it 5 points of damage resistance, well, just making sense if you got a little chance to get a shot from the back.
(The picture shows 50 DR was taken when I was testing and confirming everything just fine, not the final version) 

Version variations

1 - Create the jetpack from Chem Lab, under Utility tab.

2 - Create it through "Crafting Workbenches" mod, the requiring material is similar to ordinary PA jetpack, also the perk requirements.
     (Crafting Workbenches is required for this version)

Either way, you can always add it by using console command, the FormID is XX000802 (you have to figure out the number for this mod in plug-in list)


Original creator of jetpack model from Compact Jetpack by J3litzkrieg, also thanks to his kindness.

The mesh file is edited from Simble Jetbag wear a jet without powerarmor by nhimkoko

For crafting support, thanks to Crafting Workbenches by drdanzel for stable crafting platform