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The mod adds animations like in ESO

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The video below shows some of the animations (the container loot animations were changed and some animations are slightly different)

Read below

why does it say "3.0"

Pick up:
Now the player uses the npc pick up animations, they're height sensitive
New: First person animations
Open door:
If you aren't in combat mode it will play the default npc pick up animations and if your are sprinting you won't trigger any animation 
If you are in combat mode and sprinting you will kick the door
If you have bobby pins the lockpickin animation will run (it works better with Fallsouls)
If you don't have bobby pins you will try to break down the door and fail


You can turn on/off every animation from the MCM menu

You can select a hotkey to turn on/off the mod quickly

The mod has an animation everytime you equip an armor, turn it off using the MCM if you find it annoying

To move manually an object press E once and then press E again for a moment as always

The mod has included an "use from the floor" functionality, press E and then press R:

´╗┐-It works with aid, weapons and armor. But if you have a more powerful weapon/armor of the same kind inside your inventory it will equip that one instead 

Known issues:

Stacked items only give one item when you pick it up or use it off the floor (other similar mods have the same problem)
´╗┐Ammo doesn't trigger an animations due to this

If you think something else is stacked:
Use the hotkey to deactivate the mod or press right click while using your fists or a melee weapon

Currently there's only 3rd person animations because the game doesn't have 1st person animations to this actions. I'll see if I can do them.