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A replacer of all cigars and cigarettes (and their respective packs) with consumable versions. They equip a physical cigar/cigarette on your character for the duration of their effect (Stimulants) thanks to the lovely mod "CigaretteInMouth".

Permissions and credits

[Stimulating Cigars & Cigarettes for the discerning Survivor!]

Inspired by the lovely and highly recommended CigatetteInMouth mod (Credits to m150 & a patch under Misc!),
I present my take on consumable Cigars & Cigarettes!

ALL Cigars & Cigarettes (and their respective packs) have been replaced with consumable versions.
These consumable smokes will appear on an actor when they are consumed, and will stay there until their effect expires.
Yes, NPCs can and will use them too. I've injected some to base NPC inventory.

Cigarettes will provide Caffeinated for 3 minutes, and Resist: Fatigue and Lethargy for 5 minutes.
Cigars will provide Caffeinated for 5 minutes, and Resist: Fatigue and Lethargy for 10 minutes.
When Caffeinated wears off, so will the Cigar or Cigarette.

Cigarette Packs, when used, will provide a small, random number of Cigarettes.
Cigarette Cartons, when used, will provide a small, random number of Cigarette Packs.
(Preserved versions of these have a higher chance for Cigarettes.)

Cigar Boxes, when used, will provide a small, random number of Cigars.

There is an optional version that introduces a small chance of Addiction with the penalty being -10 AP.

The best spot in your load order is after mods that edit Leveled Lists
but before any Lighting mods.

For the Main version, there will only be hard compatibility issues with anything that
changes the base leveled lists I've put a picture up for.

For the Addiction version, the same leveled list conflict applies, as well as potential conflict
with mods that adds any other addictions.

Mods that add Cigars & Cigarettes to their personal leveled lists, or hand place them, obviously wont be using my
Cigars & Cigarettes. In the downloads, there's quite a few versions of the most common conflicting mods:
Vald's Sorting, OCDecorator, & Raider Overhaul.

I'm perfectly fine with making patches on request.

As it is with CigaretteInMouth, the position of the Cigars & Cigarettes can be off depending on how far the
default mouth position has been moved either by your character or NPC editing mods.
If this bothers you, it's easy yet slightly tedious to fix with programs such as NifSkope.