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Many improvements to Settlers' Sleep AI. Also comes with a huge collection of two, three and even four-person beds.

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About this mod:

If you ever wanted to build beds and let your settlers sort out who gets which bed themselves without worrying about them standing all night long next to the beds (if they're assigned to a bed at all) or loosing settlement happiness, or maybe building "true" Double Beds or Bunk Beds for two, three or even four actual settlers for space saving, then this mod may sound interesting to you.

Generally, it aims to fix the game's "bed situation" with AI features like Bed Sharing, Auto Bed Searching and Assignment Priority. The mod also comes with a quite huge collection of two, three, four-person beds that settlers can "share" with each other. Both "normal" Extender and Replacer versions are available. In addition to the base game beds, it contains numerous variants of the Creation Club beds too.

Vanilla system, issues:

If a settler can't access their assigned bed, they usually stand in one place all night long.

When the player builds a bed, a random settler gets assigned to it who becomes the only one that can use it afterward.

A bed (despite being a double or bunk bed) can only count as one bed in the settlement's resource "Beds" value.

Sometimes, when arriving at a settlement at night, even if everyone has an assigned (and accessible, non-blocked) bed, settlers can still be seen wandering toward their bed instead of sleeping in them already.

Even a very small object next to a bed can block it, causing the pathfinding AI to fail and preventing settlers from accessing it.

Mod added changes, improvements:

Settlers don't necessarly need to be assigned to a bed. Those who are assigned to one will try to use that bed ("Assignment Priority").

However, if a settler can't access their assigned bed (or they don't have an assigned bed at all), they try to find an unassigned bed to sleep in it without assigning themself to it. ("Auto Bed Searching").

And if they can't locate any bed (all remaining beds are inaccessible / all taken / the settlement doesn't have enough), instead of standing in one place, they sandbox in the settlement (shopping, wandering, etc.) ("Failsafe Sandboxing"). Once you build enough beds, sandboxing settlers immediatelly acknowledge it and will go to sleep in them. ("Real-time" Auto Bed Searching). (Those who already have found an unassigned bed to sleep in won't wake up to go to sleep in the newly built bed).

The mod comes with a huge collection of "multiple sleep animation markered", non-assignable, shareable beds that allow more settlers to sleep in them ("Multiple Markered Beds"). They're not assignable because no settler can keep them exclusively for themself. They come in both Extender (count as new beds) and Replacer (changes vanilla beds' base data) versions, see below. All of them are accessible from both sides (and yes, they can even climb through each other).

Beds added by the mod (or even the vanilla ones if one chooses to install one of the "Replacer" versions) add as many "Beds" value to the settlement's resource as many settlers can sleep in them (e.g., one 4-person Double Bed adds 4 "Beds" value).

When arriving at a settlement at night, settlers are already sleeping in their bed (AI is no longer out of sync while the settlement is loading).

Beds' sleep animation markers are much easier for settlers to access. (As you can see it in some of the videos below, settlers may even reach their beds through an open window or smaller settlement objects like an Airplane seat). Greater object collision tolerance for the animation markers allows bed placements in tighter places.

Bed Sharing
(beds with multiple sleep animation markers)

Auto Bed Searching
(an unoccupied bed available somewhere)

Failsafe Sandboxing
(if no unoccupied accessible beds left at all)

Multiple Markered Beds vs. Vanilla Beds:

Vanilla: buildable, assignable, non-shareable (can be used by one settler only), auto searchable by the improved AI, have assignment priority (only for the assigned settler, if there's any).

Multiple Markered Beds: buildable, non-assignable, shareable (can be used by 2, 3, 4 settlers: optional count), auto searchable by the improved AI.

Normal Extender vs. optional Replacer versions:

Extender: adds new Multiple Markered Beds to the game. Vanilla beds are untouched.

Replacers: overrides vanilla beds' base data to make them Multiple Markered Beds.

Ability to turn on/off the mod and the Auto Bed Search feature:

Console commands to turn on/off the mod and the Auto Bed Search feature.

[StopQuest MMB_Handler] ==> Shuts down and turns off the mod (the vanilla AI will be reactivated)
[StartQuest MMB_Handler] ==> Turns the mod back on (while resetting it)

[CQF MMB_Handler TurnOffAutoBedSearch] ==> Turns off Auto Bed Search (the improved AI will target the settler's assigned bed only, and if the settler can't access the bed (it's completely unreachable), Failsafe Sandboxing will be activated instantly)
[CQF MMB_Handler TurnOnAutoBedSearch] ==> Turns Auto Bed Search back on

Ability to perform a Manual AI Recalc:

AI recalculation happens automatically. It targets and locates an eligible bed in the settlement. Here are some manually triggerable AI recalc events. Usually, these events are used to try to locate and guide Failsafe Sandboxing settlers to a bed (like "still no available bed can be found?").
Selecting a settler in Workshop Mode
Exiting Workshop Mode
Building a Multiple Marker Bed in Workshop Mode
Grabbing a Multiple Marker Bed in Workshop Mode


It's fully compatible with other any mod that doesn't override settlers' vanilla sleep AI.

Previews from mod testing

Real-time Auto Bed Search
Building a 3-person Double Bed for 3 settlers

Real-time Auto Bed Search
Getting some standing settlers through small obstacles (mod guided pathfinding)
to Multiple Markered Beds

Sleep Animation Marker Accessibility / Pathfinding AI
Settler climbing through the kitchen window to get into his bed (faster than walking...)

Real-time Auto Bed Search
Building a Multiple Markered Bed for two bedless settlers

Sleep Animation Marker Accessibility / Pathfinding AI
Settlement object (Airplane seat) in the way: not a problem

Sleep Animation Marker Accessibility / Pathfinding AI
Settler waking up through the kitchen window

Sleep AI
Settlers are sleeping by the time the settlement loads