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Transfer player face from one save to another, or to NPC records in plugins.

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New Command Line Mode (BETA)
Using the command line makes fast batch operations possible.

Usage: FO4FaceRipper.exe <input-file> <input-ID> [<output-file> <output-id>]
e.g: FO4FaceRipper.exe "My Preset.json" 0 "My Mod.esp" 225b67
e.g: FO4FaceRipper.exe "My Old Save.fos" 7 "My New Preset.json" 0
(Must use 0 as ID for .json presets.)

Warning:  Unlike the form interface, command line operations will alter the output file directly (keep backups).

Now supports reading and writing LooksMenu Presets!

This program allows you to transfer your character's face to a new game.  It can take a face you download and put it on your high level character.  It can take your character's face and put it on Piper.  It can do a surprising number of things that involve putting a face where another face goes.  Try it out, rip a face today!


How to transfer your character's* face from one save to another:
1.  Download and open this utility, it can be run from anywhere.
2.  Browse for your source save, the save with the face you want to use.
3.  Browse for your target save, the save with the progress, stats, etc. you want to use.
4.  Verify "Player - 7" is selected for both source and target.
5.  Hit Transfer Face and the new merged save will be created.

* You can rip faces from NPCs that you have edited with the LooksMenu too!


You can also transfer from plugins you download or even Fallout4.esm.

Skin Color and Makeup

If skin color and makeup don't appear correctly in-game:
1.  Enter the LooksMenu (console: slm 14).
2.  Move the cursor over the neck and enter the skin color menu.
3.  Do not accept a change, just move the selection to another color.
4.  The face should update all at once with the correct skin color and makeup.
5.  Back out, exit the Looks Menu, and save your game.


For experts and the adventurous.
How to make a new face for a NPC:

a.  Open FO4Edit, find the record/form of the NPC you'd like to edit.
b.  Copy this record as an override to a new plugin, name it whatever you like.
c.  Close FO4Edit saving your new plugin.

a.  Open the game and load a save or start a new game.
b.  Edit your face in character creation or using 'slm 14' in console.
c.  Save your game.
d.  Find your save file on your pc and rename it to something useful.

a.  Open Face Ripper.
b.  Browse for your source save, from section 2.
c.  Select "Player - 7" from the upper drop down.
d.  Browse for your target plugin, from section 1.
e.  Select the ID of the NPC from section 1 in the lower drop down.
f.  Press Transfer Face, and ok to any message boxes.
g.  Enable the new plugin, which will have the NPC's ID appended to the name.
h.  Load your game and see if the process worked.

That's the basics.  You can also use face presets (which are normal NPC_ records) to get an existing face into the LooksMenu.

The Reset Button

The Reset Face button will delete the face data from the specified NPC* in your save file (i.e. clear changes made in the LooksMenu).  This will allow plugins to override the face again or restore vanilla.  This is only necessary if you used the LooksMenu on a NPC.

* Curie cannot be reset!  I recommend NEVER using the LooksMenu on Curie.

Known Issues

- Cannot renumber record IDs in to-plugin transfers.  You will need to use FO4Edit to properly add new masters to a plugin with original records.
- ESLs are not fully supported.  Things like new hairstyles that are added in ESLs probably won't transfer correctly.
- Many NPCs have a property (FMIN Facial Morph Intensity) which makes them incompatible with each other or the player, causing some distortion when ripped (Piper is one such NPC).  I do not know how to correct this.


Please feel free to modify and share any files produced by Face Ripper.