About this mod

Brings the original Vivid Hair Color palettes to expired6978's LooksMenu.

Permissions and credits

Vivid Hair Color E
xtended for XCOM 2


REQUIRES LooksMenu by expired6978


Vivid Hair Color Extended (2.0)

All versions include Even Darker Eyebrows (EDE).

Only pick one of the three main files.

In the future, any further additions to VHCE (new color packs) will be usable alongside one of the three main VHCE files.

Check out the image section for comparisons against Vanilla hair colors.


The FIRST thing you should do is head to the Images tab!

I've organized all Versions from left to right:

Vanilla (Van) / Vivid / Less Saturated (LS) / Darker Blondes (DB)

They are also numbered to show up in the same order as the hair color menu in-game.

For Example, "1Van Platinum Blond" is the Vanilla version of the Platinum Blond hair color (without the mod).
While "1DB Platinum Blond" is the Darker Blonde version of the Platinum Blond hair color.

Just hover each screenshot to see their info "#Ver Hair Color".


The screenshots for the Less Saturated (LS) and Darker Blondes (DB) versions ARE NOT 1-TO-1 COMPARISONS w/ Vanilla and Vivid screenshots.

The change in the direction of the sun/time of day made the hair's specular map less obtrusive and the colors more clear.
This is ESPECIALLY visible on the darker hair colors.

TEST Color Palette

The TEST color palette has been uploaded if you'd like to make your own hair colors.

Check out the article for the Vivid Hair Color TEST Palette's color key.

TEST2 Color Palette

TEST2 palette identifies regions of each individual color; such as eyebrows, roots, highlights, hairline, etc.

Click the Article tab, the entire article is in there, screenshot included.

GT500's PSD File

GT500 created a PSD file that has the hair colors' names layered on top of the actual hair colors.

He has also allowed me to upload his file to the mod page itself for those of you want to get it here.

You can check out his original post with instructions/tips/notes in the comment section or check the article I created to "archive" his original comment.

Send him/her some thanks and Kudos!


Test Palettes are pretty worthless at this point; that said, figuring out how to create VHCE was a pain in the ass.
I might replace these with info on how to add your own hair colors using LooksMenu.

This mod spotlight by RusalkaC shows off every version in 1080p glory!
I HIGHLY recommend watching this before deciding what version to download.

Thanks to VatiWah for the video review! (1:43)