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Artifice Crafting is a simple ESP mod based on reworking the entirety of Fallout 4's crafting system utilizing Standalone Workbenches with zero scripts, clearing out the Chemistry Workbench with crafts into their own new, designated workbenches.

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# Welcome to Artifice Crafting

Artifice Crafting is a simple ESP mod derived from my Atomic Warfare modlist, based on Standalone Workbenches, utilizing the tools and resources provided to create a new and organized crafting system. Contrary to other mods that introduce crafting, Artifice Crafting offers a simplified and base version of crafting that allows users to organize items crafted at the Chemistry station to it's own, new designated workbench. 

While many may say anyone can do this, I wanted to put my own take onto the crafting system with a much easier and simplified version that doesn't add a bunch of unnecessary and extremely overpowered systems.

# Notable Features 

Artifice Crafting has a few main features that are noteworthy, which are:

  • Custom, organized and consistent crafting items in various workbenches using Standalone Workbenches
  • Straightforward and categorized crafts for each workbench, separating the crafts by type
  • Balanced and fair crafting requirements based off of lore and rarity in an immersive way
  • Tons of patches adding in complete support for the new crafting system, in a non-intrusive way
  • Ammo crafting and scrapping, for recycling all of the ammo you don't need or want
  • Quest requirements for crafts, I.E. you must now complete "All Aboard!" to craft Nuka World items

Artifice Crafting has also included and considered integration of Munitions, which the Vanilla Ammo Add-on naturally has support. The new ammo added by Munitions has been integrated and added as an ammo craft and scrap.

# Important Information

Artifice Crafting has no method of implementing modded items automatically without creating a patch for it, which is the only downside to this system. As for now, you will have to utilize Standalone Workbench script functions to import mods as a crafted item to the appropriate workbench. A detailed guide will be available in due time.

# Compatibility

For common, and various other reasons, compatibility with Artifice Crafting and other crafting mods is not supported. However, most other mods are entirely supported but will not have direct integration with Artifice Crafting. Mods require patching for Artifice Crafting, simply because it's adding new records and items and not overwriting vanilla records.

Not compatible with:
  • Equipment and Crafting Overhaul
  • Crafting Framework
  • Other mods altering the crafting system

# Future Roadmap

Here are some planned features to be added later down the road of development.

  • (Done) Ammo salvaging to deconstruct or recycle any ammo found to be reused for other ammo.
  • (Planned) Ammo crafting rework to include a Fallout: New Vegas-like system, with primers, gunpowder, casings, etc.
  • Plans/Schematics required to build specific items, such as Institute Laser Rifles or T-45 Power Armor.
  • (Concept) Automatic mod injection, allowing constructed mod items to be swapped automatically.