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The Castle with almost zero scrapping required. Easily defensible. No DLC required. Inside the Vanilla settlement budget.

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The Castle Ver 2

This blueprint requires
almost zero scrapping.
Finish the Minuteman quest, open the workshop and drop the blueprint.
Connect some wires and that's it... you're done...

This 'Castle' has -

  • 300+ Defense
  • 20 Beds
  • 80 Water (Better Generators )
  • 24 Food 
  • 4 Stores.
  • All crafting workbenches.

Required Mods

Transfer Settlements
Better Vendor Stalls

Recommended Mods

Better Generators
Longer Power Lines
Clean Beds

Additional The Castle Ver 2.0  Notes

After 7 years I am over scrapping. So in my most recent play-through, and because I love building stuff, I came up with this.
You only need to scrap around the transmitter, which takes about 30 seconds.  (See last screen shot)

You will need to wait 24 game hours for the Mirelurk nests to de-spawn.

The Castle, wiring and transfer settlements has always been flakey.
When I drop this blueprint I always have to restore the same wires...
- The generators to the main lines. (3 locations as they were the only vacant spots)
- The power pylon to the recruitment beacon.
- Power the radio from a power conduit on the mast.

As usual I recommend scrapping the beds and chairs in the fort itself or you will never find your settlers.


The folder needs to be extracted and placed in your 'Transfer Settlements' folder. 7zip

If you like this design could you hit that little 'Endorse' button for me? I would really appreciate it. :)

My other 'Vanilla' Blueprints.
None of my blueprints are designed to be pretty...  :)
What they are designed to be is to not require all DLC, two mods maximum required, easily defensible,
stay within the 'Vanilla' game budget and have everything you need.

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