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Legendary effects can be detached from weapons and armor, then attached to different weapons and armor, with reasonable restrictions.

Permissions and credits
Legendary Swap
Most legendary effects can be detached from weapons and armor, then attached to different weapons and armor.
The detached miscmod items are named to reflect their restriction. They are the basic mod crate with a different options for a color retexture, with a weight of 0.2 and a value of 100.

Some combinations of weapon and legendary effect don't function properly or at all, or don't make sense. I have added restrictions so that they can't be created. Many work on all weapons and have not been restricted.

Ranged Legendary effects are restricted to Ranged weapons.
Melee and Unarmed Legendary effects are restricted to Melee and Unarmed weapons.

The Explosive, Incendiary, and Plasma Infused legendary effects are restricted to Ballistic weapons.

Never Ending can't work with a Laser Musket, Syringer, Harpoon Gun, and Junk Jet so I made it so it can't be attached to them, as well as the Fat Man and Missile Launcher.
Never Ending is buggy on a Gatling Laser, but since Aeternus exists I allow it.
Never Ending's mod item is named "ranged", which doesn't reflect its more specific restrictions, but I think is close enough for the purpose of naming it; weapons that can work with Never Ending being a large subset of ranged weapons.

Power Armor legendary effects are restricted to Power Armors.
Regular Armor legendary effects can be used on Power Armors.

Unique legendary effects

The Automatic laser musket legendary effect is restricted to laser muskets. (unchanged from vanilla)
Atom's Judgement is restricted to Super Sledges. (unchanged from vanilla)

World Series Logo is restricted to Baseball Bats.
Shem Drowne's is restricted to Revolutionary Swords.
Lucky Eddy is restricted to Lever-action rifles.
Striker is restricted to Fat Man.
M4 Carbine is restricted to Combat Rifles.
Grognak's Axe is restricted to Axes.

DiMA is restricted to Synth Chest Armors.
Atom's Bulwark is restricted to Marine Armors. (All pieces except the helmet)

Unremovable Legendary effects
The following items rely on an OMOD for a description, keywords, and/or side effect. Such OMOD have been made unremovable by giving them a NULL attach point, instead of the legendary one they were using.
The description from the OMODs made unremovable are not replaced by the description of a possible additional legendary effect. It just works.
- Salvaged Assaultron Head
- Acid Soaker
- Smart Fragmentation Grenade
- Fragmentation Grenade MIRV
- Diver Suit
- Inquisitor Cowl
- Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit
- Grognak Costume / Wildman Rags

Additional Features
The Tesla Rifle and Mr. Handy Buzz Blade have been given a legendary attachment point.

Still Allowed "Bad Combinations"
Instigating, Powerful, and Mighty don't work on a Missile Launcher.
Never Ending is buggy on a Gatling Laser.

Other Information
The plugin is an esl-flagged esp.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that share some of its features, such as:
- Legendary Modification
- VIS-G Legendary Modifications
- Alternative Legendary Modification
- Crafting Framework - Ammo . Armor . Junk . Legendary . Weapon / Equipment and Crafting Overhaul (probably modular enough that you could disable only the conflicting options)
Love to Craft - Legendary

Warning: If you want to switch from one of the mods above or any other that makes legendary effects detachable, you will lose all currently detached legendary effects. Uninstalling mods mid-playthrough is not a great idea anyway.

Contrary to these mods, mine doesn't allow the crafting of legendary effects, doesn't allow additional legendary slots, and is more (reasonably) restrictive with what effect can be attached to what weapon.

This mod is not compatible (without a patch) with mods that make changes to weapon records, because of the new keywords I added to weapons to implement the restrictions. 

It also means that weapons added by mods and creation club need a compatibility patch.

This mod doesn't add legendary attachment points to clothing items, if you want to be able to add a legendary effect to every clothes, you will need a mod that adds them. (for example, my mod Clothes Customization and Cleanliness)

An optional patch is included in the installer for the CC Fantasy Hero Set (Iron Sword).

Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka World
UFO4P (its knife keyword and other changes are forwarded.)

My Other Mods
Clothes Customization and Cleanliness
Unzippable Vault Suit with CC Customization Integration
Legendary Swap with Reasonable Restrictions
Accurate Strong Back Survival Description
- Buildable Nuka-Cola Display Rack and Bandit Roundup