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Legendary, rearmed. Lets you detach legendary effects and move them to another armor or weapon.

This mod is based on the "Detach Only - Normal" version of Legendary Modifications made by teaLz.

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Legendary, rearmed
Lets you detach legendary effects and move them to another armor or weapon.

This is an updated take of the popular mod Legendary Modification (Detach Only - Normal) made by teaLz.

It fixes the bug where you can craft any effect for free, and also includes all the the DLC Weapons and Armors now.

A big thank you to junks808 and his work on the Legendary Modification - DLC and Additional Fixes which made the progress of tracking down all the new legendary effects a lot faster.


Balance Adjustments

Nerfed Grognak's Loin-cloth to 1 Str and +25% Melee Damage, from 2 Str and +25% Melee damage.

Reason: With being able to freely use this effect on any item, I wanted it to be more in line with other legendary effects.

Rebalanced Atom's Judgement to be +75 as base with +50 radiation damage with Irradiated Legendary effect.
Reason: Keeping the +100 as Legendary Effect caused issues due to it being a regular weapon mod (with visual adjustment) classified as legendary. So decided to reduce the effect (but still keep the +25 damage you can get from otherwise upgrading the weapon), while making it a regular mod and add Irradiated Legendary effect to compensate. Total damage should stay about the same.

I'm up for any suggestions, comments or opinions when it comes to this. I'm by no means perfect and will take criticism to hearth.

New Legendary Effect

Adds 10 points of electrical damage and have a small chance of shocking enemies.