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My personal modified version of Legendary Modification by teaLz for personal use. Uploaded here in case I loose it and/if someone else wants it.

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Based on Legendary Modification by teaLz.

This is my personal version I made years ago and tinkered to my liking with added MCM requirements for a couple of settings.

Like teaLz's version, this allows you to either scrap or swap legendary mods, but with MCM options you can limit those.

Crafting a legendary mod requires 5 Effect Chips (UNLESS USING BALANCED MODE), you get 1 from scrapping a legendary item. You can also detach the mod(s) and re-attach to most other equipment. I also removed certain restrictions, like you can add explosive to things like energy weapons, but certain legendary effects don't work properly or at all if not in specific item types, like the laser musket specific effect, so those I left restricted. Also some legendary weapons like the Lightning Gun from Automatron is a dummy, and is not an actual effect.

The MCM options include:

Allow Crafting
(Allows crafting legendary effects from effect chips.)

Allow Swapping
(Allows detaching and re-attaching legendary mods.)

(Recipes cost varying amounts of chips, and require perks to craft.)

Allow Crafting+
(A couple of additional legendary armor recipes, nothing really special.)

The plugin is in ESL or ESP format.