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Allows legendary mods to be added to equipment. Three versions are available with Automatron and Far Harbor support!

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Love to Craft - Legendary

Automatron, Far Harbor, and Nuka World patches included!

If you like this mod, please endorse it! It makes me very happy. If you don't like it, constructive feedback is always welcome in the comments section.


Allows legendary mods to be added to equipment. Three versions are available:
  1. Base: legendary mods are treated just like any other mod, but with relatively high perk requirements.
  2. Recycle: legendary mods are not detachable and require "Legendary Parts" to craft. These are obtainable only by scrapping legendary items.
  3. Swap only: legendary mods are detachable and transferable, but cannot be crafted.

Also includes an option to add some brand new legendary effects for crafting! Here are some examples:
  • Ninja's: +150% sneak attack damage (stacks with Ninja perk).
  • FIrestarter's: projectiles ignite the floor on contact, like the flamer.
  • Superman's: get the jetpack effect on anything!
  • Caffeinated: +15% movement speed.

Balanced crafting requirements are carefully selected, but I am open to feedback and suggestions.

Many legendary mods are the same for melee weapons and guns, so perk requirements for crafting these are generally part of the Bloody Mess tree; neither Gun Nut nor Blacksmith seemed appropriate. Some of the mods require perks with very high SPECIAL prerequisites (e.g. Ghoulish for ghoul-related mods or Nuclear Physicist for Super Mutant- and Radiation-related mods). Others require high-ranks in crafting perks. I don't want to make crafting too easy until late game: I still want to get excited when I see a legendary enemy!

Unique legendary effects like Grognak's stuff and Atom's Judgement are included.

Some mods, like Furious, only appear on melee weapons in-game, while others never appear on melee weapons. There is an option in the installer to remove these restrictions where appropriate.

Differences Compared to Similar Mods

This mod was built from scratch, but inspired by the excellent mod Legendary Modification by teaLz. Here are the differences between the two:
  • LTCL has higher perk requirements, which I have tried to make more appropriate to the type of mod.
  • LTCL crafting components are more variable and more related to the nature or name of the perk.
  • LTCL is currently active, and tested with the latest patch and DLC.
  • The DLC is supported, including the new legendary effects. (DLC is optional.) There is now a third-party DLC add-on for LM, written by junks808. It doesn't alter LM itself and can be found here.

I know of two other mods that are similar to this and LM, but take a slightly different approach to making legendary effects hard to come by:
  • Legendary Effect by SamusKnight2K. This allows mods to be detached and crafted using a new item that enemies drop. The recipes are, by design, fairly uniform. It has full DLC support.
  • Lethally Legendary by Derpsdale. Has a crafting system similar to Legendary Effect, but with more variable crafting requirements and a configurable difficulty. Derpsdale has also added a bunch of new hand-made effects. As far as I know, however, this doesn't have DLC support (at least not yet).

There are probably some other mods like these, but I don't want to keep this updated forever. Look around and experiment!

Installation and Compatibility
A mod manager (such as NMM) is recommended; an installer is included now. Load order probably doesn't matter too much, except that the DLC patch should come after the main plugin. I use LOOT to sort everything for me, and I encourage you to do the same.

This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't alter legendary mods directly or introduce crafting recipes for the existing mods. 

Item Mods:
If another mod adds a new item, it SHOULD automatically have a legendary mod slot in the crafting menu, assuming the modded item includes a legendary attach point. If the item doesn't have the attach point, the way to fix it is to add the ap_legendary keyword to the item in the CK or FO4Edit. I don't want to make patches for item mods, but I will help anyone who wants to make their own patch or update their mod to include the attach point.

Legendary Effect Mods:
If another mod adds a new type of legendary modification, it will only show up in the crafting menu if a crafting recipe has already been included. If no crafting recipe is provided, it will still be possible to remove that legendary modification, and unless the mod author has taken certain precautions, it will be GONE FOREVER if removed! A reinstall of the other mod might bring it back, but don't tempt fate.

Any mods listed under the similar mods section above have limited compatibility with this one and are not supported as compatible. You're still welcome to try, but you'll get duplicate and possibly missing crafting recipes. There might be some other unusual behavior as well.

A compatible stand-alone version of Legendary Modifications Enhanced by gokuGX is in the optional files section. It is an esp posted with gokuGX's permission. Go endorse LME if you use this! It uses the same recipes as LME, which will not necessarily match well. It exists only for the sake of compatibility.

After brief testing, it seems that Custom Legendary Modifications by thingy123 is fully compatible, no patch needed. Depending on which loads first, the name of the legendary mod slot might change, but that seems to be the only conflict. More thorough testing is planned.

Perk Mods
Perk mods will work unless they change the number of ranks for perks that are used as crafting requirements. These mods can remove the perk that I reference as a requirement, causing a crash at the workbench. If your game is freezing in the crafting menu, it is almost certainly because of a conflict with a perk mod. The most common cause is a bug in several popular perk mods that arises from them removing level requirements in an unsafe way. I have created and posted patches for Perks Unleveled and Better Idiot Savant (No-Level versions) in the optional files section.

Other Mods:

Load this mod after sorting mods. A sorting patch is on my long-term to-do list. There is a compatible version for Better Mod Descriptions by TakaruMinari. Load BMD before this mod.


  • The legendary attachment "Charged" only applies the radiation damage. Everything else is a property of the gun itself. The description has been updated accordingly.
  • The Tesla Rifle isn't really a legendary weapon in vanilla, so it has no legendary attachment, despite what it says in-game. The DLC patch fixes this by adding a custom-built "Lightning" legendary effect to ranged weapons, with some exceptions.
  • The patch also adds legendary slots to some objects that were missing them.

Far Harbor:
  • The new legendary attachments now have crafting recipes, etc.! This is a straightforward addition.

Nuka World:
  • The new legendary attachments now have crafting recipes, etc.!
  • The new power armor mods control the PA colors on the X-01 (Quantum) and T-51 (Nuka-Cola) variants.
  • I have made the Nuka-themed power armor mods more powerful so that they can compete with other legendary effects. Both add a +5% movement speed bonus per item. In addition, the Quantum effect gives +3 AP/sec/item (was +2 AP/sec/item), and Nuka-Cola gives +1 Agility per item bonus (was +0.5). Both can be placed on PA or regular armor; you need items worn to get the bonuses.
  • Known issue: some of the mods require Party Boy or Party Girl to craft. The crafting interface always shows this requirement as Party Boy. However, the equivalent rank in Party Girl will still allow you to craft the item.

Bad Combinations
Some weapons behave very badly with certain legendary modifications. For example, Neverending causes bugs with some weapons, like the Junk Jet, Laser Musket, and others. Other combinations simply don't work, like "Nimble Combat Knife". I have made all these combinations uncraftable, but if you select a version of this mod that allows mod swapping, it will let you swap in some of these bad combinations. This is a known issue, and is also present in Legendary Modifications. The solution isn't obvious to me. For now, please test your weapons if you swap a legendary mod onto them. Anything you craft should work just fine.