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  • How to patch weapon mods for FROST

    0. Important Information
    This guide

    assumes that you now how to make patches with xEdit
    doesn't claim to be perfect
    only works for guns, not melee weapons
    There is an automated weapon patcher xEdit script for FROST, however, it is not perfect. It can't patch everything, and sometimes does things wrong. It will still help you a lot if you use it though. The script isn't written in a perfect programming style, but it does it job fairly well.

    You should also take a look at kjg92's weapon patches for FROST. He patched a lot of weapons for Frost, and taking a look at them in xEdit will help you to understand how to edit weapons for FROST:

    There is also an automated script ...

  • Fallout 4 VR Compatability

    Every version of this mod after version 0.9.3 is incompatible with Fallout 4 VR because Bethesda fucked up.

    Regarding the VR situation: It is dangerous and maybe even impossible to make the newer Frost Official Updates versions work with Fallout 4 VR.
    The problem is that Bethesda is unwilling to provide a simple change to fix this, it is not my fault.

    What is the problem?The underlying problem is that the form ids in the Frost Official Updates are sometimes too big for Fallout 4 VR because it simply only supports form ids up to a certain number.

    Can it be fixed? It might be possible to fix this by making some formids smaller in my mod, but this might break the mod and other mods that rely on it, so do it on your own risk.
    You would also h...

  • Power Armor Training and its locations

    There are several locations with Power Armor Training Holotapes. You need to find three of them to get full Power Armor Training.

    Most mayor Army locations have Power Armor Training, as well as most bigger towns/cities have Power Armor Training somewhere.

    If you don't like the Power Armor Training, you can deactivate it in the FROST MCM Menu....


    FROM VERSION 1.2.X to 1.3
    Make a backup save before updating.
    Please remove the previous version of the mod completely when updating, and also make sure that you use the newest version of the Frost More Starting Locations mod, because that mod was also updated

    FROM VERSION 1.1.X to 1.2.X
    Please remove the previous version of the mod completely
    If you use Travis Begone and/or Mute Travis' Introductions to songs, you can uninstall those as I merged them into the new version

    FROM VERSION 1.0.X to 1.1.X

    Uninstall the Frost (Un)Official Updates completely.
    Uninstall the Frost More Starting Locations completely.
    Uninstall the Frost Survival Kit mod completely (if you use that mod)
    Uninstall the Re...

  • Outdated and Incompatible FROST mods and patches

    Here are the four main reasons why I listed these mods here:
    1. A few of the mods listed here were made by amateur modders who made some rookie mistakes with problematic consequences. The often have ITM records or did not even set Frost.esp as a master file. As a consequence, those mods often don't work or even conflict heavily with other FROST mods

    2. Some mods on this list were really well made, but alternative and newer mods replaced them.

    3. Some of the mods listed here patch a mod for FROST. The problem is that they often do not nearly enough to properly patch a mod for FROST, and often forget to edit and patch important things, like level values in LChars, Leveled Lists and omod collections.

    4. Some of the mods here conflict with the design...

  • Features and Changes


    This list is incomplete, as at this point it is almost impossible to write every thing down that this mod changes. It is simply too much :D
    If you have questions if this mod changes XY, feel free to ask in the post section about it.


    The newly added MCM menu allows you to (de)activate and configure certain features in FROST
    Check it out in game for more information.

    Changelog for version 1.0:

    Power Armor

    Power Armors are now harder to get in general, they are often locked behind more difficult locks and terminal entries
    Certain Power Armors at locations have been changed or bee...

  • Incompatible Mods

    This article is about mods that are unrelated to frost, but incompatible with frost. Some of these mods can be patched for FROST, but nobody made a patch.
    A few mods here have a patch for FROST, but that patch is either outdated or bad/incomplete and should not be used.

    I won't go through all of the thousands of Fallout 4 mods that are incompatible, I will only list those that people commonly install without knowing that they should not be used with FROST.

    Some of these mods might be patched in the future!

    Some of these mods here are compatible with FROST, but are not recommended as they will break balance or lore.


    Damn Apocalypse

    Better Locational Damage and Optional Gameplay Overhauls