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A Wrapper for D3D11

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1.3 and 1.3a with new updates, tested on Adrenaline drivers  20.11.3
If having issues with drivers consider using AMD Pixel Patch and restart system.


ENB confirmed working, check the sticky in posts


Now confirmed working with Reshade, run in background Vulkan mode

tested with Essential Reshade
ReShade_Setup_4.8.0 or above and use Fallout 4 Vulkan api dxgl.dll in 1.2/1.3 release (delete Reshades dxgl.dll in main folder)


Enables Fallout 4 to run in Vulkan rendering mode. Could help performance issues for both Nvidia and AMD cards.

-based on DXVK,
-will overide any ENB settings
-tested for Windows 10 64 bit but should work on 7/8

Run vulkan-runtime.exe to install the libraries on the system

Run vulkaninfo-64.exe to see if Vulkan is installed on the system

backup the d3d11.dll from the main game folder into a safe location

Put both the new d3d11.dll  dxgi.dll along with vulkan-1-64.dll  in main folder and run with game with  f4se_loader 

dxvk.conf needs to go in the main game folder as well to enable the HUD and for more advanced users to tweak settings.

Not recommended to run with RTSS aka Rivatuner.

RTSS installed can cause issues since the Vulkan layer for that gets loaded into every Vulkan app

So included is HUD monitoring that can be turned off in DXVK conf with =full to =0

As of 1.2 seems to working well with High FPS Physics Fix, especially with lowered GPU usage in high frames

If having troubleshooting issues at first please backup saves and config files. Then you might want to let F4se_loader rebuild your Documents/My Game/Fallout4 INI's after deleting everything in folder except saves, so run F4SE, let game crash/hang once along with running Fallout4Launcher then finally tweaking with Fallout4ConfigTool. This might help some people get started.

For AMD owners, in your fallout4custom.ini, these settings also help performance.

If on an AMD APU such as R3-R7 or Vega integrated level graphics, I highly, highly recommend using these two mods.

Light Sources Do Not Cast Dynamic Shadows

Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II

in the DXVK conf file you might be able to control better the overuse of tessellation in this game by
d3d11.maxTessFactor = 8
d3d11.maxTessFactor = 64

leave at 0 if causes a new issue to arise.

Also consider using these settings for running Vulkan wrapper with these in Fallout4Pref. It will enable you to get back to the desktop quickly without hangs.
bFull Screen=0

This is usually a problem when you aren't running the game at your native resolution aka your monitor is 1920x1080 (1080p) and the game is set at 1600x900 (900p)

This is a mod list I used for a 5 hour testrun 

also here is my personal FalloutCustomPrefs if you need as a reference  Fallout 4 Custom

If Using Mod Manager and not Vortex, remember MO uses its own internal INIs that are unique to each MO profile and not the ones stored by the game. To edit those, you'll need to use the INI Editor within MO itself. Backup your settings in that particular program so it doesn't load the incorrect INI's.

Optional Vulkan Framerate controller (put in main folder with Fallout4.exe), This is mainly for AMD users trying to get a form of Vsync working and are on a 60HRZ monitor and getting stutters at 75fps or more frames.

If still having issues please post NovaBench score in the format such as mine

Vulkan idea originally recommended on Nexus by SavageBoy14 for New Vegas

Special thanks to Gamevibz for his video in getting me back into Fallout 4.  Also a very special thanks to Thuggysmurf for all he has done to help improve the mod community along with being a comedic genius. 

DXVK License