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Useful, easy to access, and completely optional features that enhance your gameplay.

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Favorite the Action aid item for easy access to the menu. If you don't have an Action aid item you can get one from the Debug section in the MCM menu.

Don't want to use the Action aid item? Set a hotkey using the MCM menu.

Don't have MCM? There's an optional holotape that can be crafted under "Utilities" at a chem lab. Hotkeys are only supported when using MCM though.

Secondary Weapon Auto-Equip

Say goodbye to running out of grenades during combat and then having to open your pipboy to pull out a molotov.

Set your preferred secondary weapon, grenade, molotov, or mine. When you run out of your currently equipped secondary weapon the next preferred secondary in your inventory will be equipped automatically. The fallback order of selection is grenade, molotov, then mine if you don't have anymore of your preferred type. If you have a mine equipped and acquire a grenade, and prefer grenades, the grenade will be equipped.

Weapon Dropping

In addition to adding convenience, this mod will also be adding consequences. I personally can't stand watching people play this game, or any shooter, while standing out in the open taking shots so they can deliver some shots. In real life getting shot is not fun. All it takes is one bullet to change your life forever or end it. I also want to do more about the problem of acquiring a valuable weapon, maxing out the mods, then having that weapon work perfectly forever and having 0% chance of ever losing it making you dismiss the idea of using any other other weapon in the game.

With this feature enabled there will be a calculated chance that taking a hit will cause you to drop your drawn weapon, so take cover.

  • Bash attacks, power attacks, and explosions are more likely to cause you to drop your weapon. You are more likely to drop weapons that are heavier.
  • Lower strength and endurance can increase the chance of dropping your weapon. Having the Survival Mode "Weakness" effect will increase the chance.
  • Low health will increase the chance of dropping your weapon, therefore, high levels of radiation increase the chance.

Backpack Quick Equip

Set your current backpack using MCM and you will be able to quickly equip and remove it using the Action menu. You can also have it auto-equip when you become over-encumbered.

Automatically Lowered Weapons Toggle

If you have Automatically Lowered Weapons installed there will be a Quick action available to turn auto-lower on or off. This is very useful when using a weapon with a flashlight attachment and you want to keep the light pointed forward.

Teammates Use Stimpacks or Robot Repair Kits

If your companion is fallen and they already have a stimpack, or robot repair kit if they are a robot, in their inventory they will use it.


  • Followers heal automatically when not playing in Hardcore (Survival) mode and don't need aid items.
  • Most followers that only follow the player temporarily, e.g. for a quest, auto-heal without the need for aid items whether you are in Survival mode or not.
  • Some mods like Survival Options allow you to toggle companion auto healing. Be mindful of the game mode you are playing in and whether you have altered the vanilla behavior with another mod if you find that the follower healing features in this mod aren't working.

Throw Your Teammate an Item

This feature came to mind when my companion was down and I couldn't get a stimpack to him without risking getting shot. I thought to myself: "Why can't I just throw the stimpack to him and he can use it on himself?" With this feature you can do just that.

Throw a stimpack to your fallen non-robotic companion or a robot repair kit to your fallen robot companion. If you throw a stimpack to a robot they will just pick it up and not use it. Same thing when you throw a robot repair kit to non-robots. If the receiver of the thrown item is not fallen they will just pick it up.

After throwing the item, whatever secondary weapon, e.g. a grenade, you had equipped before will be reequipped.

Other Features

  • Quickly unequip your primary weapon with the Disarm Quick action.
  • Easily manage your appearance by selecting the "Manage Appearance" option from the Action menu.
  • Gain a +1 strength boost for 10 real-time minutes by doing push ups.
  • Quickly pull out and read the last letter you picked up. No more forgetting the name of the letter you just picked up or losing it amongst letters with the same, or similar, name.