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6 Deathclaw grab attacks.

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Changes Deathclaw killmoves to normal combat skills. They won't instant kill the victim but deal damage.

Makes all 6 Deathclaw grab skills to have equal chance.

Deathclaws will use these skills randomly in combat against human.

Deathclaws can't use these skills if any of their arms or legs is crippled.

The plugin has an esl flag so it won't take up your load order.

Thanks AI and MxR for the video!

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Q: I have some other questions or bugs to report.

A: Feel free to use the post and the bug page.
I'm not that kind of "great author" like steve40 who doesn't have the courage to face bug reports and simply blocks users.
But I may not be able to help everyone very carefully.

Q: I said thank you but you don't reply.
A: I usually don't reply to simple thank you messages. But thank you. I'll remember:)
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