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Adds the iconic Hunter from the Resident Evil Series into Fallout 4, with integration and three variants

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FallEvil: My Buisness is B.O.Ws themselves. A one-man journey in opening up the Commonwealth to the Pandora's Box that are the creatures from the world of Resident Evil.

This time, I bring you the Hunter β, one of my favorite creatures I've made.

Currently, this mod features the following

- Leveled List injection into Deathclaw lists

- VATS compatibility

- Three Distinct Variants

- Dismemberment (only decapitation currently)

- Custom sounds that include death, pain, idle, alerted, and attack swipes.

A humanoid-reptile hybrid made as an improvement to its predecessor. It sports a disproportionate left arm which can easily rip and tear through prey. It's hard shell provides ample protection from most forms of damage, save energy weaponry. This has actual gameplay impact.


Manager de mods. Any that work with FOMOD installers should do.


- Add some unique drops, maybe some items. Right now Hunters primarily drop deathclaw leveled items, as I have nothing else in mind to put in the list. Let me know what you would like to see.


I highly recommend you use an ENB, because it makes the fleshiness and glow of the Hunters just that much more badass. I myself am using Wild Enb.

Want to have a say in where my work goes next? Feel free to participate in my poll!