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4 grab skills for Assaultron.

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[center]Keep your distance from the Assaultrons!

This mod changes the 4 vanilla killmoves of Assaultron to normal combat skills.

Assaultrons will use them randomly in melee combat vs human.

Becareful! These skills deal huge damage! But you can still survive with enough HP.

The trigger chance is not very high to prevent Assaultrons become over strong.

The head laser skills will be triggered only when the head laser weapon is cooled down and ready for launch.

I have added hit frames to the animations so they deal damage and controller force feedback and the victim will moan instead of silenced.

I have removed the defer death annotations from the animations to prevent these skills kill protected/essential NPCs.

The plugin has an esl flag so it won't take up your load order.

Thanks AI and MxR for the video!

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