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About this mod

Adds the Regulators as a playable Liberators faction. Includes posters, custom flag, ranks, special units, customized mashups for each unit type as well as other faction related content. Can craft faction armor mashups.

Permissions and credits


Requires Version 4.2.8 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror

Faction: The Regulators

Enough of our blood is on your hands. If there's more, blood will have blood.

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Special Units: Yes
Decorations: Yes
Soundscape: Yes

Posters: Yes* 
Armor mashups (craftable): Yes** 
Faction NPCs with customized appearance: Yes
Faction branded hats: Yes 

* - currently 48 posters: salvage, scrap, security, food/water conservation, scavver, Regulators related (regarding vintage posters with Hitler/Hirohito, replaced them with Gunner, Institute, etc iconography); constructible under Workshop>Sim Settlements>Decorations
** - used the following outfits as base to make the mashups: jumpsuit, vault suit, radstag, flannel shirt, green shirt, drifter, military fatigues, army fatigues, longshoreman, hooded rags, armored coat
Example pics of posters and mashups can be seen in Images section. 

The Regulators
Between angels and devils is the land of the living consisting largely of folks who are neither a caricature of good nor evil but who navigate the space in between. The Regulators navigate in this space. They do so not as a bog standard group of wastelanders but as a resourceful and defiant group of scavvers, traders and farmers. As leader of the Regulators, you have some friends. But, in this stark world, you have no allies and some formidable enemies. Your blood and the blood of your friends are on the hands of these enemies. It’s time to fight against the murder, pillaging, extortion and mayhem. It’s time to ‘regularize’ life in the Commonwealth. If other factions don’t keep their bloody hands off you and your stuff, there’ll be a reckoning. There will be blood. Do as you must to carry the day.

Prior to the Minutemen and the American Revolution, there were other struggles. One was called the War of Regulation or the Regulator Movement. A simplistic version of the story is that there were some colonists from western North Carolina who struggled against corruption and abuse of power. They weren’t idealistic in their ambition. Rather, they largely wanted to curtail the abuse and 'regularize' life. They banded together and accordingly became known as the Regulators. Some New Englanders (Minutemen) were aware of the Regulators. (In the future, one might be able to find out more about the Regulators in the Concord Museum and elsewhere.)

The Flag of the Regulators
The fess (horizontal stripes) on the Regulators flag represents the Charles River (blue) and the surrounding Commonwealth (olive green). The black represents the persistent darkness or evil that envelops the Commonwealth. The bloody hand acknowledges the past shedding of blood and the admonition to enemies to keep their bloody hands off the Regulators.

Roleplaying as the Regulators
While trading, hunting, fishing and farming are important, scavving is central to the development of this faction. Specifics are posted at the war desk but suffice it to say tools and technology will be valuable. This is the intent behind the salvage-related posters in the header pic.

Your units will reflect the vibe of scavver-trader-farmer-wastelander turned fighter.  The clothing/armor will consist of mashups of equipment used by the various factions found across the 'wealth (vanilla game and DLCs). Long story short - tried to create a more  direct connection between scavving and the development of this faction.

The militaristic factions like the Minutemen and Brothers of Steel have thus far failed to deliver on a regular life. So, you start off allied with none. What's next is largely up to you. 

About this mod
This is my first mod. Kick the tires and let me know what you think. I'll address bugs as best I can and as time permits. Please see the sticky in the Posts/Comments section for current plans (both next version and longer term). I can't promise to implement whatever you ask but feel free to make recommendations in the Posts/Comments section.