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Some patches to add AWKCR and VIS-G to some of the more popular Warhammer 40K mods and move all 40K crafting to the Advanced Engineering Bench (AKA Workbenchius Manufactorum)

I also compiled a listing of mods related to Warhammer 40K for fans out there like myself.

Permissions and credits
Updated the Sister of Battle patch for v3.1 of Octimus's mod.

I made some patches to add AWKCR and VIS-G to popular Warhammer 40K mods.  Crafting for 40K armor, weapons, and gear, is moved to the Advanced Engineering Bench from AWKCR  (AKA Workbenchius Manufactorum).  See the images section for the new Warhammer 40K crafting menus.  I think 40K fans will enjoy having a one-stop-shop for all their 40K crafting needs.


I also compiled a list of mods related to Warhammer 40K.  I'm a huge fan of the 40K universe and there's lots of mods that bring 40K elements into Fallout 4, but they're scattered all over and not well tagged.  So here's my attempt to bring it all together.  To be clear, none of the below mods are my creations.  All I did was create a few patches.

Feedback and endorsements are appreciated! 

And thank you to the REAL mod creators for all their great work.

Weapons and Armor
The Space Marine:  Full space marine power armor conversions from several chapters, including bolters and jetpacks  
Relic Space Marine:  30k space marine power armor conversions
40k Sister of Battle - Adepta Sororitas:  Beautifully done Sisters of Batter armor from several orders and including lots of additional items and bolters; Created as regular armor, not power armor
40K Bolters and Bolt Pistols:  Don't let the name fool you.  In addition to bolters and bolt pistols it also includes many other weapons such as melee weapons, missile launches, melta guns, plasma guns, Tau cannons, heavy bolters, las rifles, las pistols, etc; Most of them are customizable too)
Warhammer 40k Volkite weapons:  As it says
Black Witch Hunter Gear:  Inquisitor outfits
Imperial Jetpack:  Two versions
Warhammer 40K Commonwealth:  Imperial Guard armors; Not available on Nexus
Hammer of the Emperor: Imperial Guard armors and lasguns; Also a quest and new location

NPCs, Presets, and Other
WH4TK Character Preset:  Face preset for the Emperor of Mankind; May the Emperor protect you
Warhammer Servo Skulls:  Several different styles; Provide character bonuses
Warhammer 40K Names for Fallout 4:  NPC name replacer
Sister of Battle Overhaul for Curie:  Curie replacer and presets  
W40k Dreadnought Voiced Power Armor Pack:  As it says
Replacement Sound for Boltgun:  This is for the Boltgun from the Space Marine mod, not the 40K Sister of Battle
FCOM Space Marines:  Replaces the FCOM Enclave option with a new faction called Space Marines (requires The Space Marine by Metaking above and FCOM Fallout Commander)

Power armor retextures and paint jobs only: These are some older mods that either provide additional paint jobs on vanilla power armor styles or retexture existing paint jobs; None of them change the armor style itself; See the First three mods in this list for those types of changes.
Standalone - Space Wolf Power Armor - (ESP Based Non Replacement)
Blood Angels Death Company Space Marine Power Armour Paint Standalone
X-01 Space Marine Ultramarine Power Armor PAINT JOB
X-01 Space Marine Space Wolves Power Armor PAINT JOB
X-01 Space Marine Black Templars Power Armor PAINT JOB
X-01 Power Armour Blood Angel PAINT JOB
Warhammer 40k - T-51 Black Templars Retexture
Warhammer 40.000 Deathwing X-01 Retexture