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Conversion of weapons from the 40K Warhammer genre. Includes Bolt Pistols, Bolters, Storm Bolters, Lasguns, plasma weapons and much more. All able to be found in the Commonwealth by the player.

Permissions and credits
July 2020:  Test version .01 for pending new release is up for those that are testing with me.  Includes all 3 former patches plus a test redo of the green Bolt Pistol and Storm Bolter to see if can now be held while in Power Armor.  Patch 4 up with working teleport to Battle Barge 2 and Map Marker that can activate.

WARNING - this is a test and will change what you have and in most cases make the bolter weapons invisible until your go to the Weapons workbench and reassemble the specific weapon.  If you decide to test be aware there is no documenttion yet describing the new items available fo you to play with.  Also if test please PM me vice posting here with any issues you uncover.

Name          : 40K Weapons.
Version       : 2.5.0
Date          : 914 Jul 2018
Catagory      : Weapons
Author(s)     : jsnider193





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ISSUE:  This mod uses loose files which can sometimes cause issues.  IF no model shows then will need to edit your ini as below to allow loose files.

make the following edits to your Fallout4.ini:

Under [Archive] add the following line: bInvalidateOlderFiles=1
Also under [Archive] change the value for sResourceDataDirsFinal= to blank (nothing after the equals sign).

Patch for the Mod: Warhammer 40K AWKCR and VIS-G Patches (and Mod Compilation List) - Sister of Battle - Bolters and Bolt Pistols by Vanguardascendant


Conversion of WH40K Bolters, Bolt Pistols and lasguns from FNV for use in FO4.  Also adds in other weapons from the 40K Warhammer era for use in FO4.  Included are some melee weapons based very minimally on 40K .. use existing assets in FO4 and from the mod The Elder Swords and retextured them.

10 Oct 2019: Posted a redo of scopes for most weapons and tailored the scopes to each weapon.

1. General:  This is a release version.  The weapons work, can be enhanced and do a serious amount of damage to whatever they hit but then they are WH40K bolters not BB rifles.

2. Weapons:  So far there are 10 different versions of the Bolt Pistol and 17 Bolters.  Not all of them will last for the final version but who knows at this point.  Weapon containers do not respawn so once looted that is it, the ammo boxes will respawn.

2A. Bolt Pistols Data:  Have tweaked the look of these over prior releases and changed the parts and some of the upgrades available.

BP Sisters: xx100F99       Loc: CollegeSquare01 = College Square Station (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
BP Chaos:  xx101ECD        Loc: WildwoodCemetartExt05 (in one of the crypts)*
BP Officer: xx101ECE       Loc: -12, 24 (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
BP Black: xx101ECF         Loc: -22, 19 (APC near Sanctuary)
BP Exotic1: XX101ED0       Loc: Available via upgrading of base models (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
BP Exotic2: XX01CF88       Loc: Available via upgrading of base models (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
BP Grey: xx101ED1          Loc: USAF Sat
BP Orc1: XX101ED2          Loc: Not Placed (needs texture work)
BP Salamander: xx117287    Loc: General Atomics Factory (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
BP Red:  xx10EC25          Loc: MiltonGeneral01
BP Blue:  xx10EC26         Loc: Vault Tech Office
BP Wolf: xx04746A           Loc: WestRoxburyStation01 (can upgrade to use different ammo)

2B. Bolters:  All meshes and textures have been redone.

Bolterred1A: xx202E05           Loc: Vault 75 (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
Bolterblack: xx203D38           Loc: Fallons Department store Ext (Ruined Bus)
OrkTaken: xx2044D2              Loc: Not Placed
BolterExotic1: xx2044D3         Loc: Available via upgrading of base models (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
BolterExotic2: xx2044D4         Loc: Available via upgrading of base models (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
Boltergrey1: xx2044D5           Loc: -13, 24
Bolterwolf: xx2044D6            Loc: Atomatoys HQ01 (Inside) (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
BolterblackGE: xx2044D7         Loc: Not Placed (will be dropped)
BolterblackDHead1: xx2044D8     Loc: ParsonState03
BoltergreyDHead1: xx2044D9      Loc: -6, 19 (crash site) (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
Bolter_alphalegion1: xx2044DA   Loc: GlowingSeaPOIDB02 (ruined church)
Bolter_chaos1:  xx025E96        Loc: Available via upgrade of Alpha Legion Bolter (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo).
Bolterultima: xx205419          Loc: Ft. Strong02 (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
Boltersalamander: xx20541A      Loc: Museum of Witchcraft. (can be upgraded to use different types of ammo)
OrkBlowYous: xx205BB4           Loc: SuperDupermart01
Bolter Std1: xx20D555           Loc: -8, 17  Bedford Station
Bolter Std2: xx20D556           Loc: FortHagen02
Bolter Std3: xx04650F            Loc: EastBostonPrep01 (no suppressed version but can be upgraded to use F/H/S rounds)
Bolter SOB:  xx0464FD            Loc: Yangtze01 (has suppressed variant and can upgrade to use F/H/S rounds)
Bolter Inquisitor: xx046CB4        Loc: SpectacleIsland02 (17, -14)

2C. (NEW) Storm Bolters:  IDs only, all models available via upgrade from base Bolt Pistol or another version of the Storm Bolter.  Three versions (meshes/textures) of the weapon are in the realese but only 2 have been implemented at this point in the esp.  Will either implement the third version at a later point or drop it.  When redid the meshes in Blender mapped the textures so that the Storm Bolter maintained the look of the base Bolt Pistol that it was upgraded from.

If there is an upgrade the 1st version has a double clip implemented with the upgrade having an ammo crate with significantly more rounds.  The ones with no upgrades go directly to the ammo crate version.  The available upgrades also work on these weapons .. no unique upgrades implemented yet.

BP_BlackStorm:  xx0401E1; upgrades to
BP_StormBlack:  xx03F29E

BP_RedStorm:  xx03FA39; upgrades to
BP_Red1Storm: xx03FA3D

BP_SalamanderStorm1: xx0401E4; upgrades to
BP_SalamanderStorm:  xx03FA3A

BP_OfficerStorm:  xx03FA3E; upgrades to
BP_OfficerStorm1: xx0401E3

BP_SistersStorm1: xx0401E5; upgrades to
BP_SistersStorm:  xx03FA40

BP_ChaosStorm:  xx03FA41; upgrades to
BP_ChaosStorm1: xx0401DF

NOTE: The 2 chaos storm bolters lines above are both derived from the one chaos bolt pistol, so you have to select one or the other as the changes at this point are not reversable.

BP_GreyStorm1: xx0401E2; upgrades to
BP_GreyStorm:  xx03FA44

BP_BlueStorm1: xx0401E0; upgrades to
BP_BlueStorm:  xx03FA45

BP_Exotic1Storm: xx03FA42 (no upgrade)
BP_Exotic2Storm: xx03FA43 (no upgrade)
BP_Orcstorm:  xx04098D (no Upgrade)

2D. Heavy Bolter:  Included meshes and textures for this weapon in the release.  Once iron out the bugs in how held and aimed will release an updated esp file for this.  Latest update changes the look for these weapons.

Imperial Sanction: xx0418C1
Location: Glowing Sea POIDB08, -30, -29
The Emperors Fist: xx04205C (obtained as an upgrade from Imperial Sanction)

Inquisitors Blessing: xx0455B0
Location: GlowingSeaPOIDB06Int (where Dclaw is)
Inquisitors Scourge:  xx0455B1  (obtained as an upgrade from Inquisitors Blessing)

Have NOT added in the shootas for orks yet .. if can get the Orks from FNV into FO4 may not place here.

2E. Melee Weapons:

Quad BattleAxe:            xx1130A1   Loc: USAF Sat
Quad BattleAxe Enhanced:   xx1130A2   Loc: Previous weapon can be upgraded to this
Wolf Head Axe:             xx01F76D   Loc: TiconderogaStation01
Hammer of Iron:            xx01F76E   Loc: Vault81Secret
Hammer of Tears:           xx01F76F   Loc: MahkraFishpacking01 (inside)
Hammer of Skulls:          xx01F770   Loc: SaugusIronworks02

2E1. Added in five addition melee weapons using assets from the mod 'The Elder Swords'.  In each case there is a base model that can be found with an upgrade that can be made to it for an enhanced version.

Ork Basher:        xx03436E   Loc: SkylanesFlightExt02 (may be upgraded to an enhanced version)
OrkBatem Up:       xx03436D   Loc: BostonPoliceRationingCenter (may be upgraded to an enhanced version)
Sisters Embrace:   xx02AB0D   Loc: Boston Airport Parking Garage (may be upgraded to an enhanced version)
Silver Wolves Axe: xx02AB0C   Loc:   (may be upgraded to an enhanced version)
Ultor Axe:         xx02AB0B   Loc: FederalSurvCenter01 (may be upgraded to an enhanced version)

(NEW) Most melee weapons have select mods that may be added to them to give extra elemental damage on hits.  Special effects on the weapons have not been done yet ... have to do more research on this feature.

2F.  Plasma Weapons.  So far have 1 pistol and 1 rifle, both use fusion cells at this point (will change later to use a 40K variant).  Recreated in Blender but based off andersh work, came as close as possible to the look of prior versions of these weapons.

Plasma Pistol:  xx047C1A   Loc: BostonPublicLibrary02 (where main chest is located behind locked door)
Plasma Rifle:   xx047C19   Loc: CollegeSquareExt (-8,4) .. up from the BOS police department (in the truck)

2G. Flamer based Weapons.  All the below weapons use Promethium fuel (xx04FDA6).  This produces a longer stream of 'fire' that has the ability to excite explosive combustion in targets.

Promethium Pistol: xx04FDA5    Loc: Financial14 (Commenwealth Bank in the Vault)
Promethium Rifle1: xx05054E  Loc: Waterfront area (7, -6) near where find kid that gives hint on sub Yangtze.
Promethium Rifle2 (with stock): xx05054C   Loc: RoadsidePinesMotel03 (-23, -11) .. behind the motel on the slope of the hill.

Promethium Fuel: xx04FDA6

2H.  Tau Weapons by DaiShi ("Have Fun! And use the mod as u like (give me Credit plz)")

Tau Rail Rifle: xx058E7C  Loc: JamaicaPlainExt06 (in water near the Settlement)
Ammo: Tau Rail Round xx057796
Tau Pulse Rifle:  xx058E7D  Loc: Wilderness (17,25  .. On road near a Billboard close to your Coastal Settlement)
Ammo: Tau Pulsor Round xx05779A

2I.  40K Missle Launcher:
Ammo: 40K Missle (ID = xx059DBA) and Case.  Original mesh source is blend (Aircraft Payload) by manfro1981 available under CC-BY liscence (not a fan base model).  Redid the mesh and texture but original idea and look was this so credit to work done here.
Launcher: ID = xx059DB9.  Location: UniversityPoibt02 (Credit Union, inside the vault)
Launcher with Shield: xxxxxxxx.  Still working.

2J.  40K Melta Weapons.  Two versions complete so far, uses it's own mmo and has some special upgrades unique to it.

Pistol: ID =  cc05CB73.  Location: CabotHouseExt (4,0), look up on the balcony and prepare to jump.
Rifle:  ID =  xx05CB74.  Location: NeponsetParkext04 (6,-18), inside yellow shipping container near where Mirlurk King is, around Atom Cats place.

Melta Ammo Cartridge ID: xx05CB7B

2K. 40K Lasguns.  The start of the conversion of my laser mod from FNV .. will also convert some laser pistols tht had permission from Andechs back then to use.  The mesh and textures have been updated in blender to 'hopefully' improve the look of the weapons.  The projectiles that are used by the weapons are modified alien blaster ones .. decided against laser beam at this point due to issues with LOS look.

2K1. Guard Lasgun.  The basic laser used by the various infantry forces in the 40K universe .. well at least I thin so.

ID = xx05DAE4
Location = Wilderness (11, 10) near a large billboard next to the road, close to large satellite array, see posted image (there be green skins).

2K2. Salamander lasgun.  Located at (5, -11) AndrewStationExt, place is crawling with Raiders.

Ammo ID = xx05DAEB ... this is a power cell good for 30 shots, works similar to fusion cores in weapons.
Construction data: Aluminum =6; Circuitry = 3; FiberOptics = 3; Gold = 5; Nuclear Material = 3.  will produce 1 cell.  Perks = Science 3 and GunNut 2.

Available via upgrades are the following ammo cells.

Heavy Cell: ID = xx062715
Ultra Cell: ID = xx062716
Explosive Cell: ID = xx062717
Phase Cell: ID = xx062EE8 ... Increased ammo cpacity, standrd cell only.
Ranger Cell: ID = xx062EE5 ... contains 120 charges instead of 30 recommended s the cell if convert the lasgun to automatic.  Only available for the standard cell bolt.

2L1.  Andersh LasPistol.

ID = xx067B61
Location = CambridgeDiner01 (on a shelf)

2L2.  Iron LasPistol.  Different color (black) and slightly different performance.

ID = xx068302
Location = Canbridge Kendall Hospital (near the bottom)

AMMUNITION ID = xx067B5F .. LasPistol Power Cell, can be made at the chem station.

2M. Chainguns.  Based on 'Primnulls' EMDG (everthig must die gun) resource available here on FO4 nexus.  Have redone in blender and then UV mapped it to the textures using which are the teams here.  The base chaingun uses bolter pistol ammo and the Heavy and Armored use rifle ammo at the start. Each has a series of receiver upgrades that can enhance damage, range and/or speed.  

= There is a scope upgrade but for now no mesh is assigned to it as for some unknown reason the base receiver disappears when it is installed .. will provide once determine cause.  The same issue occurred with the 3 different muzzles when done as independent mods to the weapons so implemented fixed receiver upgrades for them to select mod paths.

= Barrel will not rotate .. fix requires redo of the weapons to match positioning of minigun ... will probably not do given other plans for the mod.

2M1. Base Chaingun.  Two handed grip.

ID:  xx06B115
Location: Poseidon Energy01 (in room with the raider boss and trunk)

2M2. Heavy Chaingun.

ID: xx06B8BB
Location: PickmanGallery01 (where the final confrontation takes place and the raider boss is found).

2M3. Power Chaingun.  One handed grip, designed for power armor equipped folks.

ID: xx06CFCE
Location:  TrinityChurch01 (where the minigun weilding SuperMutant Boss is located.)

3. Ammunition:

Created different rounds for the pistol and the bolter.  Multiple ammo boxes as indicated below are available.  All rounds may be crafted at the Chem Workbench.

Pistol Ammo:  xx10266C
Bolter Ammo: xx100F9A
Hell Round:  xx026634 ... extra fire damage
Seeker Round:  xx0284DA .. mini missles that attempt to lock onto target.
S Round:  xx107A22 .. enhanced explosive effects
Freeze Rounds:  xx0324C6 .. cyro round
Solid Round:  xx0378EB .. used by suppressed bolters and bolt pistols.  Only select weapons may be converted and once done may not go back.
Void round:  XX047468
Power Core: XX0483B8 (used by the plasma weapons)
Promethium Fuel: xx04FDA6
Tau Rail Round: xx057796
Tau Pulsor Round: xx05779A
Missle Round/Case:  xx059DBA
Melta Ammo Cartridge ID: xx05CB7B

The new rounds sometimes reduce the size of the ammo that can be in the magazines.  To use them you must convert an existing bolter to an enhanced ammo version, not all bolters or pistols have this capability.

All weapons that can be upgraded may be changed back to their base model, except for those add a silencer to.  Reminder if you upgade the mods on the weapon are lost so might want to remove them first.

Location for Ammo Boxes:  Most are guarded ... no free steal

Sanctuary Beneath Bridge
-21, 15  Wicked Shipping
-14, 24  Robotics Disposal
-19, 25  Wilderness
-3, 24   Relay Outpost Zimonja
-8, 17   USAF Sat Area
-6, 19     Wilderness, look for strange wreck
-19, 12  Near the Damm
-22,13   Wilderness
-25, 33  Wilderness NW of player Vault
Inside   Museum of Witchcraft
Inside   Ft. Strong02
Inside   General Atomics Factory
Inside   Betown Hills Pub
Inside   College Square01
Inside   Big Johns Salvage
Inside   Barneys Bunker
Inside   DmndWarehouse01
Inside   USS Constitution

Additional LOCATIONS (6/12/2016)

-11,20 Wildwood Cemetary Ext05
Thicket Excavations Ext04 (the bottom in shack)
-8,9 Lexington Ext04
17,17 Dunwich Borers Ext04 (bck of tractor)
-19,9 (Down the road from Wicked shipping, look for dead brahmin)
-22,13 In the wilds toward lake (look for a pink flamingo)
-23,14 In the wilds next to a mailbox
20, 24 Mahkra Fishpacking
20, 17 Salem Ext02
21, 19 Sandy Coves Home
15, 4  Wilderness area with Mirelurks
14 -21 Wreck of the FMS Northern Star .. down in it
13, -19 Warwick Homestead
2, -8  Back bay Car Dealers ..
-5, 6  Mass Gravel and Sand Ext
Inside Vault 95
Inside General Atomics Galleria Back Alley Bowlimg

Generic script implemented that also places ammo on select critters and caravans run into in the FO4 world.

4. MODIFICATIONS: The below listed are some of the mods that can be created and installed on the weapons available at this point ... will do more as time permits.

4A. SCOPES:  Posted a redo of scopes for most weapons and tailored the scopes to each weapon.

will update IDs soon .. well i hpe it is soon

Placed Scope Locations:

Under the Bridge in Sanctuary
Big John's Salvage
USS Const
-20, 15   Ranger Cabin
-23, 19   Wilderness

Construction:  Only some of the above scopes may be built (3 std ones and the ORK .. hey if they can build you sure can also) the others will have to be found


4B. AMMUNITION: Chem Workbench under 40K Ammo.

Ways to construct ammunition in the game, all done at the chem stations at this point.

Bolter Pistol Ammunition := 1 Aluminum + 1 Circuitry + 1 Nuclear Material + 1 Oil + 1 Silver ... yields 30 rounds.  Requires 2 GunNut and 3 Science.

Bolter Pistol Ammunition := 90 AmmoFusionCell + 1 Circuitry ... yields 70 rounds.  Requirements Chemist Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

Bolter Ammunition := 2 Aluminum + 1 Circuitry + 1 Nuclear material + 2 Oil + 1 Silver ... yields 30 rounds.  Requires 2 GunNut and 3 Science.

Bolter Ammunition Alternative:= 100 AmmoFusionCell + 2 Nuclear Material ... yields 70 rounds.  Requirements Chemist Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

Hell Bolt: 100 Flamer Fuel + 3 Nuclear Material + 2 Circuitry ... yields 70 rounds.  Requirements Chemist Lvl 1, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

Seeker Rounds: 50 Missles + 3 Nuclear Material + 2 Circuitry ... yields 75 rounds.  Requirements Chemist Lvl 1, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

S Rounds: 100 Gamma Round + 4 Nuclear Material + 3 Gold ... yields 75 rounds.  Requirements Chemist Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

S Round Alternate: 4 Aluminun + 3 Circuitty + 2 Gold + 2 Nuclear material + 10 Oil ... yields 20 rounds.  Requirement Gun Nut Lvl 2.

F Round: 100 Cyro Round + 3 Nuclear Material + 2 Circuitry ... yields 70 rounds.  Requirements Chemist Lvl 1, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

Solid Round: 90 50 Caliber + 2 Circuitry + 3 Fiberglass ... yields 70 rounds.
Requirements Chemist Lvl 2 and Science 3.

Void Round:  100 Fusion Cell + 9 Circuitry + 11 Nuclear Material ... yields 70 rounds.
Requirements Chemist Lvl 1, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and Science 3.

40KPower Core:  100 Fusion Cell + 9 Circuitry + 11 Nuclear Material ... yields 70 rounds.
Requirements Chemist Lvl 1, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and Science 3.

40K Promethium Fuel:  100 Flamer Fuel + 15 Acid + 20 Nuclear Material + 19 Aluminum ... yields 70 rounds.
Requirements Chemist Lvl 3, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and Science 3.

40K Tau Pulsor:  100 Fusion Cell + 12 Circuitry + 17 Nuclear Material + 12 Silver ... yields 100 rounds.
Requirements Chemist Lvl 3, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and Science 3.

40K Tau Pulsor:  100 2mm EC + 9 Circuitry + 17 Nuclear Material + 9 Silver ... yields 100 rounds.
Requirements Chemist Lvl 3, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and Science 3.

Missle Rounds: 8 Missles + 6 Nuclear Material + 6 Circuitry + 6 Fiber Optics ... yields 6 rounds. 
Requirements Chemist Lvl 2, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

Melta Rounds: 80 Fusion Cell + 17 Nuclear Material + 12 Circuitry + 12 Gold... yields 6 rounds.  Requirements Chemist Lvl 3, Gun Nut Lvl 2 and 3 in Science.

4C. Bayonets: Available for the Lasgun (3 for the Guard and a different one for the Salamander).

4c1.  Lasgun bayonets display and increase the melee damage of the weapon.

Serrated Blade is based on a CCBY model (SKS) by JackBryanReynard available on the blendswap web site.
Straight Blade is based on a CCBY model (SKS) by JackBryanReynard available on the blendswap web site.
Chaos Cleaver is based on a CCBYNCSA model by bornoaship available on the blendswap web site.
Ork Axe is based on a CC0 model available on the blendswap web site.


NOTE: In this Interim upgrade have begun the process of adding in a receiver to all of the weapons and the parts that go with it in the FO4 game.  Hope to allow all weapons to be upgraded like the lasgun with different barrels-mags-sights-grips that result in changes to the appearance of the weapon .. this will be done for the next major upgrade to the md (3.0).

Have only enabled the grip and the barrel parent points on these weapons (not counting the scopes above) so player can only install 2 other mods besides the scope.  So can create a strong weapon but not a super duper one shot kill thingee.

Have added in a Standard Barrel, Standard Sight and Standard grip so can downgrade the enhancements on a weapon to save them when trying to upgrade a weapon to an enhanced version.

Can install mods to make any of the weapons Automatics (uses ammo really really fast), Increase Damage, Increase Ammunition Load, Better Criticals and Armor Piercing so far .. plan more for later in the game but these are enough to give the player some flexibility in play.  None of these change the current look of the weapons except the scope and silencer feature.

New: Astartes modifications at the weapon station are used to make a weapon automatice plus stabilize it so does not go flying upwards as often as the other automatic mods.  There are 4 of these and they also yield a small enhancement to damage compares to the other automatic mods.

Note: will correct the automatic upgrades to give a small increase to stability but nothing as well as the Astartes ones in next upgrade.

5A. Seven Bolt Pistols (Chaos, Black, Red, Officer, exotic 1 and 2 plus Salamander) and ten Bolters (AlphaLegion, std1 and 2, wolf, ultima, salamander, grey1, Inquisitor, SOB and red1a or Blood) may be converted to a silenced version.  Once done some may not be reversed but others can be converted back to the base model.

BP_OfficerSuppressed: xx037147
BP_BlackSuppressed: xx037149
BP_RedSuppressed: xx03714A
BP_ChaosSuppressed: xx03881E
BP_Exotic1Suppressed: xx03881F
BP_Exotic2Suppressed: xx038820
BP_SalamanderSuppressed: xx03975C

Bolterred1aSuppressed: xx03714E
BolterGrey1Suppressed: xx03714B
BolterStd1Suppressed: xx038821
BolterStd2Suppressed: xx039EFB
BolterUltimaSuppressed: xx038822
BolterwolfSuppressed: xx038823
Bolter_alphalegion1Suppressed: xx039EF7
BolterSalamanderSuppressed: xx039EF8
BolterSOBsuppressed: xx0464FE
BolterInquisitorsuppressed: xx046CC3

Key Perks for the above are Blacksmith, Gun Nut and Science.  Check at the weapons table for what needed to build these mods.


At the chem station if have Gun Nut level 3 and Science level 3 will be able to enhance some of the basic bolt pistols and bolters into a more exotic version.

Bolters that can Upgrade:  Standard Version 1 and 2 (blue and red) and Alpha Legion
Bolt Pistol: Grey/Red/Black/Blue

See above for ammo uprades.


See each section above for information on this.

Creatures:  Enhanced versions of certain creatures have been let lose into the environment to recover what was stolen and exact Imperial Retribution on those that would deface the dead ... most locations with items will have additional guards or one or more of the 40K versions of same.

Manual Installation:
RAR file contains the esp and supporting folders (textures/meshes/sounds).  Copy all into your 'DATA" folder in FO4.

Manual Uninstallation:
As normal uncheck the appropriate esp in your loading mods. Of course all the unused ammo may blow up but I am sure you can duck fast.

TBD .. should be non-destructive to saves.  Will leave all the current items in the esp but for those not using will just not place in the wilds to be found.  Thus if use one that I decide not to implement it won't go away on you.

Known issues and bugs:
Aiming is basic and a tad off ... but hey just watch some of the movies and games these are up close an personnel type weapons.  The blast when the weapos are fired is not centered ... projectilenode in the nif is centered but the blast seems to have a mind of its own as to where goes.

Reload on Bolters is off.  If use one that corrects the weapon gets real up close and personnel, in effect it blocks your view or the area.


If another mod placed an item where the cases are then will have a whoops.  If problems found during play please post a message so I can fix.  If know how to fix please indicate the solution so can get it done faster for all .... all the help folks want to contribute would be appreciated.
If someone desires another look also post and I will try to execute for player.

Leave a message here or send me a personnel

EdCase for mod WH40K_weapons_3pack-5581 and permission to use.
TheOutlander' and 'sparky84' any thanks goes to them for this model.
jibicoco (of Forge World FR) for some 40K assist (vehicles and parts).
The "Weapons of the Third Era" mod by 747823 - as ported over by DavidTheFalcon (The Elder Swords).  permission asked and recieved.
"JQ" from FO3 for inspiration on Storm Bolter, Missle Launcher and Heavy Bolter.  Unable to contact and have lost his originals except for some images so recreated his work to my limited ability in blender, so they may look and feel different but the idea was his 1st so credit to him.
Plasma Weapon: Andersh (permissions obtained in FNV days for use).  Redone in blender to update and texture, inspiration from original so the credit is to Andersh.
Missle Launcher: manfro1981 from blender world for mesh idea and inspiration.
a_blind_man for the mod Level List Injection Toolbox .. a great help to adding your items to the game.
New Bolter Sounds (from 'Bolter Sounds' mod): Bechaffen has replied to a personal conversation entitled "usage".
Bechaffen said:
Feel free to use!
Lasgun credits are the same as in the mod I did for FO3 and FNV.
Me if feel like it.

Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines (http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40278)
NifScope (http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope)
Blender (to redo storm and heavy bolter and remap some textures)
GIMP (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14920)
3DF Zephyr Lite
3D Builder
DAZ Studio

Legal and licensing:
You can modify, but give credit to those I have credited above.
If any issues with use let me know so can fix that also.