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Become a mighty leader of a space marine army! This mod builds on the previous mod I made, adding melee weapons and new relic armor to the game.

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Become a mighty leader of a space marine army! This mod builds on the previous mod I made, adding melee weapons and new relic armor to the game. 


The 3D models are all custom to this mod, with custom sound effects for the chain sword and custom textures. I took some inspiration from other warhammer titles to build the details for the armor.  

If you want to help out a fellow modder you use the donate button on the top of this page. 

You can find the complete rundown of the mod below! 

Map Location 

The relic power armor, chain sword, power sword and daemon hammer can be found within a shack in the glowing sea. 

Some models can also be viewed on sketchfab

Relic Imperial Fists marine:

Relic Dark Angels marine:

Planned features 

- At this time there is no solid plans, however a heavy bolter may be in the works in the future

Version & Details

Version 1.0

Original Version


Simply go to the download tab and install through NMM

Manual installation

- Click manual installation instead of download with nexus
- Right click the data.zip folder extract (anywhere will do)
- Move all of the content into the Fallout 4 > Data 
- If you had a previous version activated on nexus mod manager you can skip this next step. 

- The mod should be un-ticked and located at the bottom of the plugins list, enable the mod.  If it is not there follow steps below

- In Nexus mod manager click on the mods tab
- press the + icon (top left just under the plugins tab) and navigate to Fallout 4 > Data 
- Click the esp, if you don't see anything make sure you have "All Files (*.*)" activated instead of "Mod Files (*.fomod, *.7z, *.zip, *.rar)"


The xbox one version is done and on the nexus, there is a full pack and four smaller packs.
Be aware I use a different user name (Vlindrel) on Bethesda.net, I have had my nexus account for a long time so it has an older user name. 
You can find them here:

Full version: 

Chapter packs: 
- chapter pack 4:
- chapter pack 3
- chapter pack 2:
- chapter pack 1:



Models not showing up in-game: chances are the mod did not install properly and only the esp file is in the fallout 4 data folder. Follow manual install above.


This mod is not official and it is not endorsed by games workshop.