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A collection of conversion references for CBBE and TWB outfits. Includes; Uni-Boob, Uni-Butt, a Skyrim to Fallout 4 conversion suite, No Nipple variants, high-quality high-heel body references and more. 3BBB weight references are also available. Now includes the Advanced suites for dress, skirts and more.

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Sick and tired of your outfits getting crushed around and between your character's 'assets'? Manually tuning that out is too time-consuming and inconvenient plus the end results are unsatisfying?
Well, worry no anymore.

This collection of new helper references should help you make near-perfect conversions of certain types of outfits (you know which ones these are). If you don't understand what this does, refer to the comparison images (GIFs) to understand.

Extra care and time have been spent to ensure the most accurate and best-quality conversion sliders.


Features and Glossary:
The references are built around four main changes: the Uni-Boob, Uni-Butt, No Nipple variants, and Ab/Spine Dip Removal. These references should satisfy almost all conversion scenarios. Uni-Boob/Full Uni-Body references have adjusted weights for better CBP physics.

Uni-Boob references are designed to remove the dip/sinking between the breasts. You need to adjust outfits to the Uni-Boob shape for the best results.


Uni-Butt is slightly different from the above idea. The goal isn't to remove the dip/sinking entirely, but mainly to prevent excessive deformation and crushed vertices caused by vanilla CBBE sliders. Slight to no shape adjustments are needed to take advantage of this.

Full Uni-Body

Combines both Uni-Boob and Uni-Butt features into a single reference. Useful for outfits that cover most of the body.

Ab Dip/Spine Dip Removal

This is an adjustment included in all the references. Basically, it removes the slight dip in the back/spine and the abdominal region, (flattens the navel too).

No Nipple variants

This is quite a bit different from what is included with vanilla CBBE (Nipple-Gone slider). Converting outfits with these references will not deform the Nipple regions (provided the base shape is adjusted properly, prior to conforming). 8 out of the 12 nipple sliders have been removed from these references. 'Nipple Compensation' sliders have been added to prevent clipping with vanilla CBBE bodies when mixing various outfits.

Additional Features:
'To Helper Shapes' reference
A quick (and dirty) way to adjust an outfit's base shape to Uni-Boob/Uni-Butt compatible. Mainly useful for skin-tight or fitted outfits. Not really recommended otherwise, because usually, the results are less than ideal when changing an outfit's base shape this way.

Full Body weighting references
Merged weights for the entire CBBE body, head and hands. Useful for outfits with gloves/long sleeves and/or collars, etc. You no longer need to copy weights from multiple sources for such outfits.

Skyrim to Fallout 4 conversion suite

A collection of 11 helper references that are useful for converting almost any type of outfits from Skyrim (original and SSE). Using 'Even Movement' can sometimes reduce deformations and provide smoother results (test both and see which offers the best results).

Glove references

Generally, these references work well enough for converting gloves from Skyrim to Fallout 4, however, they are not 100% accurate. What this means is that, if your glove mesh is tight-fitted or very precise, you might encounter clipping, etc. which you would have to fix manually after conversion.

Full body references

'Full Body' references include the head mesh as well. These are useful for converting clothes with collars and wrist-length sleeves. Default Skyrim conversion references included with CBBE are not suitable for these tasks and cause nasty deformations in these areas.

Some Notes on the TWB Helper References BETA:
These references are provided as-is. Please report only critical issues. I did not individually QC the sliders, other than some basic fixes and smoothing. Some sliders may cause clipping issues, other extreme sliders may give you less than ideal results which may require manual fixes.
Due to limited time and the sheer number of sliders, I will not be able to provide quality updates for the TWB Helper Suite. That said, if anyone is willing to contribute to improving the suite, please send me any updated slider data, and I will look into updating the suite with them (Of course, you will be credited as a contributor).

There is no longer a need for a 'BETA' tag. Even after extensive use by the community, there have been zero issues reported thus far.

3BBB Weight References:
-3BBB Uni-Boob, Uni-Butt and Full-Uni weight references have modified weights to smoother outfit physics.
-These references do not have slider data. Use the original Helper references for slider creation and then copy weights from the weight references.
-Due to the Creation engine's limitations, 3BBB Uni-Boob weights are not as perfect as would have been possible otherwise (basically each vertex in a mesh only supports up to 4 different weights, but for perfect weight distribution, it would require at least 7).
-Uni-Butt also has modified weights for smoother outfit physics but may cause clipping with some skin-tight outfits.

Advanced References suite.
Disclaimer; These references are much more experimental and will probably have an issue or two. You have been warned.
These references are experimental in nature and are intended for more advanced users and modders. If you are confused about when you should use them, consider sticking to the standard references from the main suite, at least until you feel more confident using Outfit Studio and doing conversions. These may not give you ideal results with one click, you may need to do some manual adjustments for the best output.

No 'Underboob' Uni-Boob References
You can use this as a straight-up replacement for the standard uni-boob reference. It works the same way as the standard uni-boob references too with the added benefit of getting rid of all unwanted 'underboob' creases. It works great under most circumstances, but as always with the advanced references, YMMV.

'Tent' Uni-Boob References
Similar to the 'No Underboob' ref. but extends the underboob smoothness all the way to the hips region. Useful for loose-fitted clothing. You will most likely have clipping with this reference, so after conversion, check the commonly used sliders manually to correct them.

-Uni-Boob 'Loose' (tops only).
An extremely experimental reference with very limited use. You will better results using the above two types, 90% of the time. This may be useful for certain very loose, baggy type tops.

Uni-Legs 'Type 1'
Your go-to reference for most skirts and dresses. No more unwanted distortions near thigh/crotch regions when you create bodyslide for such outfits. Has usable weights nob-physics, though again YMMV, the weights may not work correctly with certain bodyslide presets/sliders. In such cases, you will need to manually correct the weights on your outfit. Includes variants with standard Uni-Boob and 'Tent'.

Uni-Legs 'Type 2'

Similar to Type 1 Uni-Legs, but may work better with longer, loose dresses. Highly experimental. Contains similar weights as the Type 1 reference, but ideally, you should be using cloth physics-based weights on these types of skirts/dresses. Includes variants with standard Uni-Boob and 'Tent'. The 'Tent' variant is the closest you will get to a 'Curtain' reference.


Disclaimers & Warnings:
-While the sliders are as accurate as possible, you might still encounter minor clippings (especially on extreme sliders such as Silly Huge). This is still considerably more convenient than making slider data from scratch.
-This works best on well-fitted meshes, so, make sure the outfit's base shape is perfect. Use Blender, 3ds, Maya, etc. to get the best results.
-You must REMOVE or REPLACE (with the default CBBE body) these references after conforming sliders (and, optionally, weights). And you are absolutely not allowed to ship these modified meshes with your mod.
-And lastly, the weights on Uni-Boob/Full Uni-Body references have been modified to amplify the 'Uni-boob' effect with CBP/OCBP (the whole breast area moves together instead of just two sides). The new weights work fine, generally. If things don't look right with CBP, you need to adjust weights manually or use weights from the vanilla CBBE body.

Check the 'Articles' section for instruction guides.

Some Tips:
-Use 'Even Movement' if conforming with a single slider (such as Skyrim To Fallout 4 conversion) and fix any clipping manually when possible. 'Even Movement' will almost always give you smoother results. This feature of Outfit Studio works great with any sliders that are a little extreme or appear un-smooth.
-You can use the 'Dip' sliders in the references to apply a 'tighter' look on some clothing.
-Splitting and merging a project is a great way to avoid messing up existing zap sliders. Check the 'Articles' section for instructions.
-If your imported outfit is slightly off of your reference body, try these values to offset your mesh to the correct position;
(X) -0.000207, (Y) -0.881800, (Z) 0.843712
-You can also try reversing the values if the outfit moves in the opposite of the desired direction. Modify the Z-axis value with +/-120 if the outfit appears much higher or lower than the reference body

This was an incredible amount of work for a Blender beginner like myself, so I hope you appreciate and enjoy using these references to enhance your outfits.

-Thanks to the CBBE team and ousnius for CBBE/OS and for allowing this mod to be released on NexusMods publicly.
-Also, thanks to deedes and PaulGreen for the excellent Blender TRI plugin. This mod would not be possible without it.
-All the changes, modifications and testing were done by me.

Please do not copy or publish this mod elsewhere.

If you are posting conversions using these references online, please consider crediting this mod and (maybe) provide a link to this page to increase its visibility so we may all enjoy higher quality future conversions from new modders.

Tools used:
-Outfit Studio

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