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REDUX of the Galac-tac armor new models, new textures, based more on current real world military kit, rather then fallout lore.

Permissions and credits

Do you feel like the commonwealth needs more Tacticool well you have come to the right place.
This mod will add more real world military equipment (that has not been pirated/ripped from other games) into the world
What do you get with this mod: Gloves, Backpacks, Military Vest, Uniforms, Morale Patches, Helmets NVGs and much much more.
Question?: whats with the Mandalorian mask?
Answer: This mod started out as Fallout 4 interpretation of the real world cosplay/airsoft armor "Galac-Tac". Everything you find in the world looted or bought you can take to the chem-bench and throw some Mando Charm on to it.

Version 6

A new infantry helmet donated by Tactical Wolf
New scarf/ 1/4 cap by WarpedMethods9
New Hex Camo's and Enclave textures for the clothing and soft vests by nightfangofwolves
Various bug fixes

Version 5.5
1 new under armor 5 color options in operator plaid and Hawaiian style
All helmets now have counter weights from (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/43793) curtsy of Deathoctimus

NVG monocle now used the NVG goggle from the same mod.
10 new Moral Patches
OCP Woodland CAMO for most under armor pants and the BDU shirt curtsy of  nightfangofwolves
1 new Soft GT vest configuration

Version 4.5
Version NO longer requires AWCKR
It does Require
Automatron dlc for use of the sleeping bag roll
Fixed some naming issue
John455a7 made new specular maps, and re-tooled the green to a darker olive drab
Optional version has no DLC dependency no level list integration and all stuff is craftable
New Menu
There is ALOT so I may miss some features
3 new gloves from MyCart
2 new uniforms
Soft vest under armor with Hard Galac-tac Plates
A new Heavy Set EOD style vest and arms with and without Galac-Tac PLates
A new Hero Variant of the Galac-tac plates (Soft and Ar-500 vest) form  nightfangofwolves 
3 back packs from MyCart

A new FAST Helmet
A new crafting menu system
The Galac-Tac armor now requires a Military version to craft
So many new patches
New uniforms and items have been Manual added to select armor/weapon vendors

Gunner armor overhaul
Gunners will now spawn exclusively in Tactical Military Gear in 3 class
Light : Soft Armor Fast helmets and baseball hats
Medium : Soft Armor Fast helmets and baseball hats
 Heavy : Soft EOD armor Armored Fast Helmets 
This overhaul was done without script and was done using changes in the Creation Kit, Scripted version of other Gunner armor MAY work, your mileage will vary. Other gunner mods that edit the level list the same way I did (nonDynamic) will require YOU to make level list patch using wyye bash Bash or Fo4Edit

Tactical Courser
Brotherhood of Steel Armor Overhaul

Deathoctimus for letting me cut up his FAST Helmet found here
WarpedMethods9 For the large scarf/ 1/4 cap

     Big Thank You to these author with out their help this mod would not have happened
  • I purchased the vest and textures from https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/clothing/jpc-vest
  • Big thanks to Hussky9 who made them.
  • As they are purchased assets they are not to be modified or uploaded to any other sites without my permission.

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