About this mod

This mod adds into the game 6 new AR-15 patterns to Fallout 4

Permissions and credits

This Mod adds the following items to be used on the RU556

I also added a variable to the receivers so they will reload 25% faster as I found the original reload speed slow and a bit lazy.

You can no longer craft legendary versions as players were experiencing CTD when crafting.

NEW for Version 3.7

Key mod 10"14" 16"
M-LOK 10" 14" 16"
Ruger SR-556 16"
HK-416 10.5" 14.5" 16.5"
HK-MR 223/556 11.5" 14.5" -NEW

SIG MCX Virtus 11.5" 14.5" -NEW RECEIVER SEMI/AUTO Barrels are now 1 piece monolithic (rather then RU556 receiver with a dressed up sig style barrel )

1 New red dot:
Holosun HS510C - NEW (changed the dimensions to be closer to the real world sight) 

9 new stocks:
M4 standard
M4 cheek rest
Magpul MOE
Magpul CTS
HK-416 Full
Hk-416 Slim
Sig MCX Virtus stock -NEW
Sig MCX Virtus Slim stock -NEW
LAGE folding stock (meant for the sig MCX, but you do you) -NEW

3 new holstered versions for the MCX (for the new stocks)

Muzzle devices (Flash hiders/muzzle breaks) from ru556, have been separated from the barrel setup to allow players to further customize their Ru556
4 in total -NEW

Added back in P-mags with the Magpul and Ranger attachments.
4 in total. - New 

How to Install using mod manger. 

Download the RU556 and install


Download and install RU-556 Armoury either mod manger or manual.
Go to an weapon work bench, craft and attach. OR create a new rifle at the Chemstation

For the Dummy weapons/slinged rifle, craft them at the Chemstation 

Now all about the real starts the GUNS!!!

The SR-556  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruger_SR-556 

"The rifle featured a "two-stage" piston mechanism as opposed to the standard direct impingement system of the AR-15. Gas flow is controlled by a four position regulator. Several key parts, such as the short stroke gas piston, gas regulator, and bolt/carrier group are chrome plated. The bolt carrier features an integral lug in place of the AR-15's gas key."

 M-LOK   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M-LOK

"M-LOK, standing for Modular Lock, is a free licensed[1] firearm rail interface system patented by Magpul Industries...M-LOK allows for direct accessory attachment onto the "negative space" (hollow slot) mounting points, and is a competing standard to VLTOR's open sourced KeyMod system for replacing the ubiquitous Picatinny rail in some applications.[2] Compared to the Picatinny rail system, both M-LOK and KeyMod enable the user to have a slimmer, lighter, smoother and more fenestrated handguard/fore-end with accessories mounted only where needed, whereas a Picatinny handguards typically will have rail slots for its whole length resulting in a heavier and bulkier handguard with sharp edges and poorer barrel ventilation."

HK-416 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_HK416

"The HK416 uses a HK-proprietary short-stroke gas piston system that derives from the HK G36, forgoing the direct impingement gas system standard in AR-15 rifles.[7][8] The HK G36 gas system was in turn partially derived from the AR-18 assault rifle designed in 1963.[9] The HK system uses a short-stroke piston driving an operating rod to force the bolt carrier to the rear. This design prevents combustion gases from entering the weapon's interior—a shortcoming with direct impingement systems.[10] The reduction in heat and fouling of the bolt carrier group increases the reliability of the weapon and extends the interval between stoppages. During factory tests the HK416 fired 10,000 rounds in full-auto without malfunctioning.[11]

The new meshes were made 100% scratch built by me. The new red dot mesh I cannibalized the Delta Point model and the Flashlight model as such the credit goes to the two original authors. 

The original RU556 meshes and textures were made by :

RU556 Texture: Millenia | Antivirus_404 | BuLL5H1T | 4Echo
Flash Light Model/Texture: RedRogueXIII
RU556 Models: ImBrokeRU
SpecterDR/Aimpoint/Delta Point Models/Textures: IanSky