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About this mod

This mod delays the start of each creation club quest until you are in a relevant location and prevents items from being auto added to your inventory by others. Works for ALL current Creation Club mods.

"Creation Club Delay is worth at least 20 bethesda bucks on its own." - KingGath

Permissions and credits
TLDR: Delays the auto-starting quests and auto-adding of items done by the Creation Club Mods.

"Creation Club Delayed is worth at least 20 Bethesda Bucks on its own." - KingGath

This mod aims to adjust the immersion involved with the quests from the Creation Club. You'll no longer receive a list of quests and a pile of items immediately upon exiting Vault 111. Also, with the optional .ba2 it will prevent these quests from triggering and items from being added on older save files from when you didn't have the Creation Club material installed.

The Why

As a player a lot of us like to create new character after new character and to have to wait on the order of 5 to 6 minutes for all the Quest alerts to stop appearing when we leave Vault 111 is annoying. Nevermind the fact that now you may have  a quest log filled with 20 quests. It also has annoyed me that by travelling up the Vault 111 entrance I suddenly find a handmade shotgun, a collar that can alter dogs, a backpack, and a SPACESUIT!?

As a modder we are often loading "clean" saves to test stuff and our testing may involve messages, quests triggering, etc... It is obnoxious to have to "turn off" (i.e., MOVE) all the Creation Club mods so they aren't spamming their crap all over the place every time we load the game to test something. These folks in particular will appreciate the Existing Save Optional Download: this will not turn off any Creation Club mods you already have but will block future ones from auto adding.

The What

This mod currently affects the following 45 Creation Club mods:
All the dogs (Border Collie, Boxer, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Huskie, Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Chocolate Lab, Pit bull, Rottweiler, and Shiba Inu).
Handmade Shotgun
Modular Military Back Pack
Morgan's Spacesuit
Gauss Rifle Prototype
Chinese Stealth Armor
Hellfire Power Armor
Horse Power Armor
Slocum's Joe
Tunnel Snakes Rule
Antimaterial Rifle
Nuka-Cola Collector Workshop
Charlestown Condo
Noir Penthouse
Holiday Workshop Pack
Shroud Manor
Neon Flats
Capital Wasteland Mercenaries
Tesla Cannon
CR-74L Combat rifle
Quake thunderbolt
Manwell Rifle Set
Heavy Incinerator
Zetan Arsenal
Captain Cosmos
Solar Cannon
Doom BFG
Gunners vs. Minutemen
Sentinel Control System Companion
Vault Suit Customization
Pint-Sized Slasher
X-02 Power Armor
Fantasy Hero Set
Doom Classic Marine Armor

I do not support Doom Classic Marine Armor because I couldn't think of anywhere to put it and it is stupid.

The How

First off, for complete transparency I've included the source files to all my scripts for you to pick over. Secondly, I wrote this so that it doesn't depend on ANY OF THE CC MODS. Let me repeat this in really big letters:

Third, EVERY Creation Club mods checks to see if the quest MQ102 has hit stage 10 (this is when you exit Vault 111); if it hasn't then it waits for it to happen using something called Registering for a Remote Event.

What I did was to UnRegister those mods and then placed a script (well one for each mod) somewhere in the Commonwealth that made sense. Get close enough to the Dalmatian then it will bark (this is something new I added) and the Dog Rescue quest will start for the Dalmatian. Get close enough to Hubris comics then you'll be alerted to the Nuka Cola Cafe or the Dovakiin gear quest.


Q - Where is my Handmade Shotgun, Modular Backpack, Transdogrifier, and Spacesuit?
A -  The handmade shotgun and modular backpack have been allowed to insert themselves into level and vendor lists.  Go shopping/kill some raiders. The transdogrifier comes with a recipe to make it at a chem station, no free transforming dogs for you! The spacesuit is somewhere that makes sense (the mod has a Readme will all the details for all the things).

Q - Why do I hear barking?
A - This is a new feature I built. When you get close enough to a dog that its 3D model is loaded in the game world I trigger a barking sound halfway between you and the dog. If you have nice headphones or surround sound you should be able to tell which direction. 

Q - Dog Rescue for the golden retriever triggered right when I left the Vault. 
A - Not really a question, but yeah, it is really close by.

Q - How do I start Mod X?
A - Check the CCDelayReadMe.txt provided with the mod. Just walk around the Commonwealth.  ALL the triggers I made are in exterior spaces or, in the case of Slocum's Joe, 5 of the 6 potential trigger points are.

Q - Where should this go in my load order?
A - After all other Creation club mods and patches and stuff.

Q - Do you own all of these?
A -
Sadly no.  I only need a few bits of information to do this. I own the dogs and a bunch of paints.

Q - Is any specific Creation Club mod required?
A - NOPE! KingGath taught me well.


  • I'm not entirely sure.  I edited several in game items by placing scripts on them.  I tried to pick shit that either a) can't be scrapped, b) can't be removed, and c) are small and out of the way.  If you encounter a problem/conflict then please let me know.

Special Thanks (Be sure to check out their mods!)
KingGath for answering all my scripting questions.

Want to support me? Watch me live stream mod making where I can answer your questions at  twitch.tv/captain_coots & check out my other mods!

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