Fallout 4

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2nd Conversions of Outfits for Super Hero Body

Permissions and credits
These are body slide files for the capital Wasteland outfits converted for SHB. Now supporting other mods as the other got very long.

I have other SHB Conversions here but it was getting quite long. This is just for the few I converted so far.

You will need:

B.A.E by Jonwd7 for the meshes and textures to go in your data folder

Bodyslide by Ousnious and Caliente

SHB by Smorris2012 (If you are unsure what it is, it is a male body replacer)

As for the ones Converted, you will need:

Merc Outfit Pack by TheFriedTurkey and HcG x Grill

Capital Wasteland Outfit Pack by TheFriedTurkey  and HcG x Grill

Classic Vault Outfits Pack by TheFriedTurkey  and HcG x Grill

Vault Shirts Pack v2.5 (Vanilla - Evb - CBBE- Bodyslide) by TheFriedTurkey

UNCS Crew Pack by Darkman32197

Stealth Suit - New Vegas by Darkman32197 and Novafinch

Shino Vault-Tec Pack by Shinoboru

Tera Pirate by Derspdale

Colony of Birdmen by Derpsdale

Slooty Pika Outfit by Derpsdale

Midnight Breed Armor by Derpsdale

(His and Hers) Battle Towel by Derpsdale

Tera Christmas Outfits by Derpsdale

Shirtless Outfits by Guidion

Simple Clothing by Ja1ine

Fallout 4 Capital Wasteland Classic Metal Armor by Xgamer468

Pride76 by Elianora

Pride2020 by Elianora

BLM by Elianora

They are set up as zip files and may need to be manually installed. In bodyslide, some will be floating but in game, they are working fine after being built.

Happy Gaming! Thank you modders for your hard work!