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This mod adds a few suits.

Permissions and credits
This outfit is for vanilla body male and female characters. You can craft it at
the chemistry workbench, and you can also upgrade it with ballistic weave at
the armour workbench.
Now required Nuka world

This mod is still a WIP.

V. 0.7
+2 clothes shirtless and harness. Male ver. used vanilla(or your) textures. Fem. ver. used self textures.
+2 bags Add some to carry weight.
Clothes are now visible on the armor bench. No improvements - just to destroy or rename.
Fixed a world model Raul armor.

Added optional file - male body textures. It replaces the standard body texture.
Other underwear color and below waist pants.

V. 0.7
Added clothes. Greaser, coveralls, rustic, wastland.
Added clothes and armor Raul. It from my over mod Companion Raul
If you install both plugins, will be prompted to overwrite files of models and textures - rewrite or not it does not matter, they are identical.
Added a separate category of "accessories" - is all that is not clothing. Currently, there are 2 types DogTag and neck bandana.
No, more new categories will not be)
In this version, only one slot occupies clothes - 33 Additional files that are used in the 0.6 is not needed

Added "optional" files. Delete the clothes all slots except the 33 "body". Allows you to wear the holster of some mods. Absolutely I do not know what will happen if you use it) I seem to work.  Replace esp. Only for version 0.6

 V. 0.6
Added 3 new types of clothes. Winter | Des | Disciples

Added optional textures tank top. Dark and light. Vanilla texture Gage armor as well.

 V. 0.5
Added - 2 types of tank-top, jacket bomber and another coloring to guard. Everyone except alt-guard using vanilla texture. See pic
Edits mesh and weights for some old.
Because of the texture of tank-top is now required Nuka world.

Added optional textures for guard clothes. If you want, choose one and replace.

V. 0.4
Added 3 new types of clothes. Fix 1st view other.

V. 0.3
Added Kellogg without straps. Kellogg with straps - are added back to the bag on the belt. Leather, guard - fix mesh textures and weights.

V. 0.2
It added two other: guard and leather. All the same, the guard uses its texture, leather partially vanilla (women's jacket)

V. 0.1
This mod adds a standalone version of Kellogg's outfit that uses the vanilla
texture. I removed the shoulder armour and added a sleeve. This outfit is
considered as clothing which means you can wear armour pieces over the top, but
there may be some clipping between the pieces.