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The Commonwealth is a deadly and very random place, but now you can be properly prepared for when your Settlement gets attacked while you are in the Shower! Comes standard with Ballistic Weave and Legendary mod-ability as well as 8 different color options for all of your Battle Towel needs!

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The Commonwealth is a very dangerous and random place.  With that being said, if there are some Raiders (for example) that are attacking your Settlement while your taking a shower are you going to get out of your shower and get fully dressed before going out and fighting them?

NO!!  Those Raiders need to have each of their respective heads hollowed out like a canoe ASAGDMFP!!  I got you covered!

Introducing "Battle Towels" now with 110% extra ass kicking in every fiber!

The Battle Towel has 30 Armor Rating, 15 Energy Resistance, and 15 Rads Exp Resistance for when you need it most!  Best of all it comes standard with optional Ballistic Weave modability, and the Legendary Attach Point for all of your upgrading needs.

The Battle Towel is made from 100% Cotton for extra comfort as well as ass kickery.

The Battle Towel is for Females with the CBBE and CBBE Physics Body Types along with Vanilla Male Bodies... could also be the other Male Body provided the Bone Weighting is the same (don't know, I don't have it).

The Battle Towel can be crafted at any Chem Station under the new "Battle Towel" Category for just 35 Cloth... what a bargain!

The Battle Towel not only has the ability to add Ballistic Weave, but also you can change the color of this mighty towel at any Armor Workbench with 8 colors to pick from in total (Default is White).

The Battle Towel weighs only 2 lbs... even soaking wet.

The Battle Towel is self cleaning, you never have to wash it!

The Battle Towel comes with an optional ESL File because it is good like that.

The Battle Towel will never randomly get high like a certain other towel from an immensely popular Series...

The Battle Towel takes up Unnamed Slot 58 when worn, so it can be worn along with other outfits and armors if you so desire.

The Battle Towel does enjoy being bathes in the blood of your enemies and all that dare to oppose you!

The Battle Towel also has interchangeable mesh files for both CBBE and CBBE Physics so when you Build the CBBE one and decide that you want CBBE Physics instead, once you Build the CBBE Physics version it will replace the CBBE Version already there.

The Battle Towel also requires that you Build the Towel first before you can use it in game (Females only).

Are you getting sick of me starting ever sentence with "The Battle Towel"?  The Battle Towel is not pleased... but respects your irrelevant opinion.

Albino Deathclaw Attack while taking a shower?!?!?!  NO PROBLEM!!!

Full credit for this towel and it's concept go to the developers of this great company, I just tweaked things and made it work in Fallout 4.

CD Projekt Red - For both making The Witcher Series of games (awesome games) and these Towel meshes and textures for Ciri and Avallac'h.  Also for allowing modders to use their work in free to use mods like this one.

Use NMM Version 0.63.17 and pick between if you want the ESP or the ESL, the ESP comes in the Core Files and the ESL will be in the Misc Downloads section.

If you like to manually install stuffs then copy the contents of the mods Data Folders into your games Data Folder and enable the ESP or ESL file.

Bethesda for making Fallout 4
Bethesda for making the CK (which I only use for the ESL File)
CD Projekt Red for making The Witcher Series and the assets used in this mod
onisus for making BodySlide and Outfit Studio and the Material Editor
onisus and Caliente for making the CBBE Body Base in FO4
The makers of FO4Edit
The makers of Paint.Net
The Makers of NifSkope

This mod was made from The Witcher 3 assets by me using FO4Edit, Outfit Studio, BodySlide, Material Editor, Paint.Net, and NifSkope while thinking about bath house brawls in video games.

This mod contains 100% chance of epic Towel Wars by volume.

Please use this mod irresponsibly as always (do not steal it... if I want it on other sites I will post it there myself).

Addendum:  Sorry to my small group of people that would normally get my mods early, this was just a spur of the moment decision and I wanted to release it quickly.  My next one will be larger, more complex, and be sent to you awesome people early for pictures and all that good stuffs.