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This mod adds t-shirt outfits, face masks, protest signs and craftable flags, to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement and show our support.

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I do not wish for this mod to win Mod of the Month as I believe there are much better mods uploaded each month which truly deserve your vote. I have spoken with the Nexus Staff and asked that they remove any votes for my mod at the end of the month so it cannot win under any circumstances, which they have agreed to. Please vote for another mod instead. 
Thank you!  - Eli

For those of you who don't want to see "real life stuff in my video game", Nexus has added a tag for "Real World Issues", go to your Content Blocking settings and choose to block that tag. That way none of my "real world issue mods" show up for you.  You can edit your content blocking preferences 

We know it is easy to cynically write off a mod that makes a topical political statement, but please hear us out. We felt the issues of racism and Black rights were important ones. This is about human rights, not politics.

Our individual circumstances have prevented us from being out with the protesters, using our privilege to help protect our Black brothers and sisters. We had been individually searching ourselves, wondering what we could do that was beyond just voicing support on social media. 

Phibbs had read a post suggesting that those of us who couldn’t be out on the streets supporting could use our unique talents to help, ie. if you’re an artist, take commissions and donate the proceeds, etc. And one of the things he felt he was able to do to contribute was making mods, and Eli felt the same way. We decided to make the mod with clothing and other items showing our support for Black Lives Matter and Black rights protests.

How does this help, you ask? Well, all DP proceeds will be donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Our hope is that in some small way this will help make a difference. Thank you for reading this far and for downloading.


• Download this mod. Download Points profits are all directed to BLM charity.

• Amplify Black voices. Share and retweet important posts and information on social media

•Along those lines, share creative works from the black community; amplify their voices and artistic perspectives.

• Speak out against racism when you encounter it

• Ask your Black friends and family how they are doing and listen to them

• Join peaceful protests

• Find a way to get involved in your own community

• Sign petitions

• Share screenshots of you using this mod 


As user Ingritz pointed out:
There are several videos on YouTube by content creators that compile together a bunch of art and music by black artists, people can find them just by looking up 'raise money for blm' on the search bar. All ad revenue from these videos go straight to BLM charities and bail funds, so even if people cannot directly donate, they can still watch these videos and raise money for the movement! 

If you’d like to donate directly, below are some links to some charities to help the cause:
Black Lives Matter Global Network
American Civil Liberties Union 
Black Visions Collective
Split a donation to over 60 city bail funds

Something else? Lifehacker list of charities

Repository of information and things you can do to help (for gamers):
Black Lives Matter: Here's what you can do to help



- Fallout 4 up to date


Compatible with all CBBE and vanilla. CBBE BodySlides are provided.

:: HOW TO ::

• Craft the outfits and the protest signs under Black Lives Matter at the Chemistry Bench.
The CBBE version the default one, if you are using a vanilla (or EVB) body, just craft the version that has [V] in the name!

• Modify the t-shirt or mask print at the armour workbench
• The protest signs  equip as two handed weapon
• Workshop flags are under Decorations -> Wall Decoration -> Flags
• You can also use a mod to add items from plugins in game


- ENB is Film Workshop, the pictures are retouched a tiny bit in Photoshop
-  Eli's load order and other mod loadout information


• Ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio and "ThingForEli.exe"  ♥
• jonwd7 for Nifskope ♥
• JamesAutumn for the extra screenshots ♥


See Permissions section


Q: DON'T "ALL LIVES MATTER!?!?!?!+1+1+1+" 
A: That's a given. Of course all lives matter, and all life SHOULD BE EQUAL. Right now that is not the case.
But you don't go to a breast cancer charity event and start yelling how all cancer matters "DONT YOU CARE ABOUT OTHER CANCER PATIENTS!?!?", do you? 
Highlighting one thing more right now does not dismiss other issues.

Saying black lives matter does not mean "ONLY Black lives matter". Don't be that guy.

A: Yikes...

Q: This is just virtue signaling and you're trying to collect internet brownie points.
A: Yes, we spent a week working hard on something just to make ourselves look virtuous. 
Believe it or not, people do things out of kindness, not because they want personal gain.
You should try it sometimes, it gives you nice, fuzzywarm feelsies and sense of accomplishment.

Q: Posting a mod doesn't help with anything, go do something worthwhile.
A: Actually, as mod creators we are choosing to use our platform to inform people of this issue, show our support,
and to help BLM related charities to collect funds for their invaluable work. We are doing the best we can with our medium.
You shouldn't dismiss people's efforts. Even smallest contributions can count.

Q: You are both white, you don't get a say.
A: We do not claim to understand what Black people struggle with.
We are merely here to tell you that we stand with you and we listen to you. We will always be there for you.

Q: "Something about looting and riots not being the answer".
A: There's a lot the media are not showing you. There's people who are taking advantage of the unrest, who want to escalate things and incite violence between the protesters and the police. There has been peaceful protesting all over but it never got anywhere.
This mod itself is kind of a peaceful protest.

Q: You're from Finland why do you care?
Eli: Because this issue affects my mod users, my friends and my family. Racism is not a US problem, it's a global problem. Sure, structural and systemic
racism is a huge problem in US, but other countries have their own share of problems.

Q: You said something tone-deaf or insensitive to Black people in your description.
A: We are truly sorry. We are artists, not writers, and sometimes words escape us. Please let us know if we can express ourselves better.

Q: "Something racist here."
A: I don't know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.

Q: please leave politics out of my modding experience
A: You knew what this mod would be before you clicked to open this mod page. You can just not come to this mod page.
No one is putting this mod forcibly in your load order.