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Adds the Gunners as a playable faction for Sim Settlements Conqueror. Includes, Decorations, Custom Flag, Ranks, and Special Units.

Permissions and credits

Faction: Gunners

Born to kill...If the price is right.

Assault Support: Yes
Defender Support: Yes
Decorations: Yes
Ranks: Yes
Custom Flag: Yes
Special Units : Yes

Become The General of A Real Army!


Soldier! There's a settlement that needs to get rekt! I'll mark it on their graves! This mod adds the Gunners to Sim Settlements as a Conqueror faction. Go to war with those Minute Muskrats or any other enemy factions and show 'em who's boss!


Here are your missions:

Outpost raids - The basics. Eliminate all the inhabitants and secure the area with your troops.

Vassal raids
- Lately, our troops have been complaining about the lack of food and supplies. To rectify this, I need you to send your troops to the local settlements, eliminate their protection, and subdue the settlers.

Capture Outposts - If you want to take a different approach (think about Bullet) clear out the opposing faction and capture the civilians. Your detachment will secure the area and put the POWs (Prisoners of War) to work.


Detailed Features

Decorations: Include Gunner Barricades, Sandbag walls, weapon crates, Duffel Bags, and Ammo Boxes.

Faction Flag
: A custom made Gunner Flag. (Sorry for the wait, Please don't hurt me)

Gunner Ranks
: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Commander

Recruitment Resources

Minor: Dog Tags, Patrolman Sunglasses, Baton, Military ammo bag, sunglasses, Military grade duct tape, Combat Knife

: Gunner's Camo Bandana, Gunner's Green Bandana, Military Cap, Army helmet, Gunner Harness, Dirty Army Fatigues, Military-grade circuit board,
            Laser Gun

Special Units

Need a little insurance as you're laying waste to those pesky, self-righteous Menacemen, cowardly Afraiders, and insubordinate settlers?


Military Assault Deathbot Division aka M.A.D.D.
(Disclaimer: They're not really called that in-game, I just thought it sounded cool.)

Special Units has arrived. You can now run your army with Sentry Bots, Assaultrons or Mr. Gutsies! Be careful not to overdo it.
Be advised, Special Units do not have rankings and will not level up after assaulting settlements.


Mr. Gutsy

Sentry Bots

Recommended Mods

Robots as Secondary Companions - This mod features Mr. Gutsy as a companion in the GNN Plaza. If Gunners can travel the wasteland with Mr. Gutsies, so can you. Check it out. For Fallout 3 fans, you could download Fallout 3 Companions - RL-3 to bring back an old friend and have a more unique Mr. Gutsy.

SirLach's Ultimate Defenses - Sim Settlement Add-on
 - Military themed Martial and Recreational plots.

Oppressor's Military Workshop - Adds military themed decorations to the workshop. Presentation is everything, right?

Gunners Overhaul - Initially Friendly Gunners
- Makes the vanilla Gunners neutral towards you. You can accept missions from Contractors and they won't shoot you on sight, however attacking them will get you disavowed.  This will really help with role playing. (If you don't like the major changes, you could also use Faction Maintenance - Manage Your Factions as an alternative. Just remember to set the Gunners as friendly or you're dead meat.)

Gunner Power Armor Paint - Pillage the wasteland in style!

Gunner Outfit Pack - As any tough mercenary/bounty hunter would say, "Looking good on the job, is priority number one." Seriously though, check this out, this mod got some great looking lore-friendly Gunner outfits.

Future Plans

Liberators Version - They're mercenaries, right? Instead of pillaging settlements, they could be hired to protect settlements from hostile factions.

Author's Notes

- This is my very first mod ever, so it's not perfect, I will add more in future updates if I can.

- This mod does not feature a Gunner Questline. Scripting is beyond my level of skill.

- Your Gunner faction are allies with the vanilla Gunners, meaning that they will not attack them in assaults. By default, you'll fight Minutemen and Raiders. If      you want to add more factions into the pool, you'll need to install additional faction packs to get them to spawn. For instance, if you want the BoS to spawn,      you'll need to install the BoS faction pack.

- This mod uses the vanilla template of Sim Settlements. Nothing else have been added. I've tested it myself.

- Be advised, decorations may will end up in weird locations. Just remember, you can always relocate or scrap them in workshop.

- If you're new to Sim Settlements and SS: Conqueror, remember to drop a War Planner's Desk (in a vacant settlement) from the Workshop Menu to get started. (It may take a while for the game to register the factions.) And also, find the City Manager 2078 Holotape to get the desk to appear in the menu. (You can shortcut this step in the MCM menu.) Settlement Menu Manager is highly recommended.

- I made this mod using Sim Settlements - Faction Leader's Toolkit, a quick and easy-to-read guide. Make your own faction today!