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Tutorials and resources for creating Faction Packs to take over settlements through Sim Settlements: Conqueror!

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To Players Looking For New Content For Conqueror,
watch for this logo in descriptions and mod thumbnails!

This Toolkit contains tutorials and resources to show you how to add new Faction Packs to Sim Settlements: Conqueror!

Faction Leader's Toolkit

This includes a series of PDF guides, and other resources to teach you how to allow any faction in the game, or even your custom creation, and use the Conqueror system to take over and assault settlements with them! 

Want to lead the Brotherhood into battle? You can do that.
Want to kill all raiders as the head of the Minutemen? You can do that.
Want to create a squirrel army and terrorize the Commonwealth...? Sure, why not.

The guides are written assuming you've never modded a day in your life, and also include a Creation Kit 101 guide for people trying modding for the first time with this toolkit! It even includes a step-by-step guide for releasing your Faction Pack for the world to experience.

Regular Updates

Note on the Version number of this file on Nexus, it will match the version of Sim Settlements: Conqueror you are expected to have for all tutorials to work with it. We update the Sim Settlements mods approximately every 2 weeks, and when new features are added, I'll update this toolkit shortly thereafter to show you how to take advantage of the new stuff!

SimSettlements.com Support

If you'd like support on this toolkit, or want to discuss ideas, plans, and strategies for building City Plans with others, head to the SimSettlements.com Forums - we've got a huge community, who are passionate about settlement building and love to help with all things Sim Settlements!