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Turn the Gunners from reskinned Raiders to an actually interesting faction!

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by BangBangYouAreDead

The faction mod you never knew you needed! Finally, the Gunners can become what they should have always been: hard-as-nails mercenaries that only waste bullets if they know they're getting paid, not just because someone in a blue and yellow jumpsuit happens to wander into their sight-lines.

Welcome to Gunners Overhaul.

Essentially this mod makes the Gunners friendly to the player at the start of the game. It also makes all containers and useful items in Gunner areas belong to the Gunner faction, which means you have to steal it from them. 

There's a lot of things I don't like about Fallout 4 compared to previous Fallout games, but most of these things come down to a single aspect: the loss of player choice. Factions are one such instance of this. The Gunners are supposed to be a mercenary group, so I was looking forward to a Talon Company / Fighter's Guild-style quest with some lawful evil stuff going on. Instead, the Gunners are just reskinned Raiders. Not only is this boring and more in keeping with the FPS-style of FO4, it completely destroys the player's opportunity to make choices about how he or she will interact with that faction. I found that sad and un-immersive, so I made this mod to fix it.

Welcome to V1.3! New features include:

  • A repeatable radiant quest ("Gunner Contracts") which you can pick up from any of the Contractors in the Third Rail, the Dugout Inn, or the bar at Bunker Hill. They'll say "come back in a little while", but that's just to start the quest up behind the scenes - talk to them again and they'll offer you the quest. Please note that once you have started a contract with one of the Contractors, only that Contractor will talk to you about the contract. You'll have to complete the quest if you want to start a contract with a different Contractor.
  • Three Gunner Mercenaries who are available to be your companion, found at the Gunner's Plaza, Hub City Auto Wreckers, and Vault 95.
  • Voices and lip sync for all miscellaneous Gunner dialogue, and for the Quartermasters. 

  • Numerous bug fixes (see below).

In general terms, this mod makes Gunners seem like an imposing but ultimately neutral force in the Commonwealth. As you wade through Ghouls, Raiders, Synths and other degenerates, you'll know be happy to spot that white spray-painted skull in the distance. Now the Gunners represent order through swift and painful justice, as well as a chance to turn over some tasty caps. 

Key features:

  • Gunners no longer attack the player or neutral NPCs (like caravaners) on sight. Why kill a potential contract, right?
  • Hundreds of items, doors and terminals are now owned by the Gunner faction, so if you are seen stealing / breaking in somewhere, the Gunners will place a bounty on your head. They will also place bounties if they see you attack or kill Gunner soldiers.
  • A custom built NPC, called a Contractor, can now be found in the Third Rail, the Dugout Inn, and at the bar in Bunker Hill. These Contractors will offer you radiant kill quests and can clear your bounty with the Gunners if you pay them off.
  • Five unique Gunners, called 'Beast Masters', can now be found throughout the Commonwealth at various Gunner locations. Each will offer you a 'Beast Hunter' quest to take down a huge monstrosity. Complete all five to gain the '...The Harder They Fall' achievement!
  • Three Gunner Mercenaries, located at the Gunner's Plaza, Hub City Auto Wreckers, and Vault 95, can be hired to be your companion for the low low price of 500 caps. 
  • Dozens of new lines of dialogue (currently in the process of voicing all lines). 
  • Lore-friendly effects on numerous other quests, like 'Kid In A Fridge' and 'Taking Independence'.

Locations currently affected:

- Vault 75
- Vault 95
- Quincy Ruins
- Greenetech Genetics
- HalluciGen Inc.
- Mass Bay Medical Centre
- Gunners Plaza
- Mass Pike Interchange
- Postal Square
- Hub City Auto Wreckers

See a review from kristakahashi and Ariane Vai here!

Install with NMM or manually. If updating, overwrite old files.

To install manually:
1. Download and unzip
2. Place 'GunnersOverhaul.esp' into the steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Data folder
3. Place the Voice folder in steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Data/sound
4. Place the Fragments folder in steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Data/Scripts


- Fallout.esm.
- Does NOT require a new save.

Compatible with:

Wasteland Grunts, as it only changes textures. Highly recommended!
- Alternate Start and Another Life, works very well with the 'Gunner' starting occupation!
- Gunner Blood-Type Tattoos, a must for Gunner player characters

Incompatible with:

- Anything that changes the ownership of specific items in the areas mentioned above

I will accept any and all help to improve this mod. If you believe you have an idea, talent, or piece of knowledge that could help further the aims of this mod, please send me a message or comment in the forum.

High Priority:

- Voice acting for ordinary Gunners (male and female), Quartermasters (male), and Contractors (male)
- Wider range of Quartermasters (e.g. weapons, chems, food, etc.)
- Continue adding Gunner faction to items in Gunner areas, particularly in the Wilderness (full list of Gunner locations in the Commonwealth needed)
- Unique Gunner bosses in main Gunner areas

Medium Priority:

- Add a radiant quest (kill <thing> at <place> for <caps>), to be acquired from a Contractor (if you have quest / script experience, please message me to help out)
- Add a quest based on carrying out a specific contract

Low Priority:

- Add a quest based around defeating the Minutemen


If you are willing and capable of providing voices, please see the current list of unvoiced lines below:



- Some turrets not working with the crime faction correctly
- Dialogue for Contractors in Bunker Hill and Dugout Inn not working correctly (Third Rail contractor is working)
- Gunners are hostile towards random neutral NPCs

- Gunners become hostile to Cait if she uses the machine in Vault 95 (untested - further corroboration would be appreciated)
- Gunners can turn up at Bunker Hill and kill everyone (random occurence?)
- Precombine mesh issue with Vault 95 walls (I think this is fixed now)
- Contractors not clearing bounties / ignoring the player


If the Contractors do not clear your bounty, you can manually reset Gunner affiliation by using the following console command (press the apostrophe key ( ' ) to activate the console):

"setEnemy 58303 1c21c 1"

without quotes. Bear in mind this will not clear your bounty, merely make the Gunners friendly again. Thanks to user SubnovaJH for this fix.

Your mod broke everything!

I find that highly unlikely considering how small it is, but explain your issue in the comments and I'll do what I can.

How often will you update this mod?


Wait, so did you, like, manually change the ownership on hundreds of items?

Yes. If there is a way to add ownership to multiple items at once, don't tell me. It's already too late.

What's the script that resets the crime for the Gunners?


What's the pre-combined mesh data error, and how did you fix it?

In the FO4 Creation Kit, when you edit a reference in a cell, you need to clear the pre-combined mesh data for that reference's BaseForm and then rebuilt the data of the cell. It doesn't take very long unless you've edited hundreds of references, as in my case. Elys explains it as follows:


Do you make any other mods?

Why, funny you should ask - I happen to also be the creator of the Combat Zone Overhaul. Check it out!

FO4Edit team
Jebbalon and Elys for bug fix help
Mattiewagg for scripting help
Goretexx for the banners

VOICE ACTORS: SkyBlu17 and TezzLaCoil

Thanks everyone!