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This mod removes the levelled lists for actors and stores, leaving only the one unique rifle to be found by the player.

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Do you remember the excitement you felt in prior games when you found a unique weapon that no one else had in the game?

     I generally keep edits to myself but I figured there might be a minority that feels as I do about particular weapons so I made this. 
( I have some additional weapon replacers that I made under Misc. files in my guide if this sort of thing interests you as well. )

This mod removes the leveled lists for all actors and stores, leaving only the one unique rifle to be found by the player. It also removes the load screen, as well as the skins support. Minor adjustments have been made to the weapon itself (Damage raised by 4, AP cost increased by 4, Accuracy up by 3). The 10x scopes have been removed, as well as the 10x see-through scopes as those can cause issues in certain non-vanilla FOV settings.

The hint that is given to find the unique: 

There is a unique version of the gun somewhere in the Commonwealth that is capable to shoot even further and hit even harder. It is waiting for you in a perfect place for the hitman to eliminate someone from long range, and you probably already hunted someone in that building. And someone has been on the hunt as well.

Warning! (Location of L96A1 rifle) 

Real-life info on the Accuracy International L96A1 Rifle.

Mod Requirements:

Accuracy International L96A1 Rifle by Utherien ( You only need the main file for rifle version 1.0as I have merged the See-through Scope update file into this .esp ) (Version 1.0c version requires the download of both optional files prior to replacing the esp with the 1.0c replacer file.)

Hunting Rifle Animation Replacer by hitman47101 ( I have a replacer .esp that converts the .esp to an ESL marked .esp under optional files. I highly recommend using this mod with the L96A1 rifle because vanilla left-handed bolt handling for a hunting rifle is unusual and you'll get proper animation for this rifle.)


Install the original mods above and then use a mod manager to install or 
Install the two above mods using your mod manager and then replace the .esp files with the replacer .esp files into your Fallout 4 data folder. Make sure to unzip the mod first. Unzip, Copy, Enable.


Please take the time to endorse/thank/give kudos to Utherien and hitman47101 for their great mods and allowing modifications such as this one for their respective mods.

A brief excerpt of Accuracy International:

You could say that Accuracy International started with the creation of two handmade black powder revolvers. An established competitive target shooter, toolmaker, and engineer, Dave Walls saw pictures of a Colt 1860 Army and 1873 Single Action Army and pondered whether he might be able to build exact replicas in his spare time using the machines at his place of work. In the absence of manufacturing blueprints, Walls, along with his workmate and Scottish shooting colleague, Dave Caig, started to make drawings by scaling from pictures of the revolvers they found in books and magazines.

Other Mods that use Utherien's mod as a base:

vanilla weapon replacer - L96A1 by rjokela002
SWA - Simple Weapon Apparel by jags78

Other mods that use hitman47101's mod as a base:

(CC) Right-handed Anti-Material Rifle by OhdeerSKR

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See you in the Wasteland!

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