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This simple mod selectively alters the spawn levels of creatures and NPCs in the game so stronger variants of them mixed with vanilla spawns will actually appear. 5/31 All DLC and variants added to the vanilla version.

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"Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Too much to one side and the other..."

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This simple mod alters the levels of creatures and NPCs encountered by the player to be more balanced. It does this by changing the leveled encounter lists.
For example, Behemoths encountered by players before they reach level 37 are the weakest variant. At player level 38, this changes to the second variant and so on. I don't know about anyone else but by the time I reach level 40-60, I'm pretty much done with that particular playthrough. The next variant of the behemoth doesn't spawn till level 60+ which cuts out 3 stronger versions of this creature if the player is at level 60. 

What this means is that the stronger variants of creatures that Bethesda built are never encountered by the player be it creature or NPC. This leads to you one-shotting creatures that are supposed to be the most dangerous things in the wasteland which kinda ruins the immersion, at least for me. I have selectively chosen creatures and NPCs to receive these changes so there is a much greater variety of difficulty to the spawns.

This allows the player to retain that feeling of progression while allowing mundane encounters to have the possibility of being engaging and challenging. 
The goal of this series of mods is to diversify, balance, and make the Commonwealth creatures follow the circle of life.

Improved Ecosystem mods so far: 
Resolute Stingwings, Dogged MirelurksHardy Yao GuaiStronger RadscorpionLethal Deathclaws, Stronger Behemoth, Vicious Dogs, and Balanced creatures and NPCs.

I guess Bethesda tried to balance the game for casual players when making this game. It really is a sad trend to see in the gaming industry when the easy mode is essentially cheat mode, normal is the new easy mode, hard is normal, and survival is hard mode.

Well, I've said my peace and I hope the mod can make your exploration of the Wasteland more enjoyable.


The mod only requires the vanilla Fallout game. It shouldn't conflict with anything unless it touches the same records. 
The mod is .esl flagged. esp and ESL format and can be placed anywhere in your load order. Just allow the manager to auto-sort or use the LOOT tool.
5/31 All DLCs and various individual DLC versions are available under optional files.


Use mod manager to install or download the mod, unzip, copy to your fallout 4 data folder, and activate the mod through your mod manager.


Remove or uninstall .esp using mod manager from fallout data folder.

Please endorse and encourage your favorite mod authors. Don't be a troll and always leave relevant criticisms/comments so everyone can get better.

See you in the Wasteland!

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