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A MG42 apparel item meant to be used with Rico Navaro / Wardaddy's MG42 MG34 Weapon Mod & the visible weapons 3rd person holster framework by Registrator2000. Version 1.1 Updated!

Permissions and credits
MG42 Apparel item / Visible Weapon

I instantly fell in love with this weapon and made an apparel item for personal use but decided to upload it anyways. It is meant as a quick fix until a better version comes out like the C-VWAS mod. I can understand how time consuming it is to make customizable visible weapons so I appreciate all the hard work that zachtan1234 does. 

Currently three apparel items can be worn on the back. Uses slot 58. Users of Nifskope / Outfit Studio/ FO4 Edit can further customize position, scale & slot placement. Decal stickers from the original weapon mod can also be applied to your visible weapon. An optional ESL version is available.


-You must install the Mg42 MG34 weapon mod first

-To use the visible weapon 3rd person holster script you must install:

-Download my file. Install with mod manager (I used NMM). The apparel item can be crafted at the chem station workbench under:

VISIBLE WEAPON MG42 / (Holster) MG42 VW01
             (Holster)  MG34 VW01

     (Holster)  MG38 VW01

Use the armor workbench to change the sticker on your visible weapon. 

Future Updates

-Will include more apparel items e.g. mg34 barrel & other variations of the weapon model
-Ability to apply stickers / decals on the apparel item using the crafting workbench.
-ESL version

Recommended Mods:

Combined Visible Weapons Addon Series (C-VWAS)
Wasteland Tactical Visible Weapons on Pack
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Working Visible Weapon Mod

Special Thanks

Rico & Wardaddy for their exceptional weapon mod
Registrator2K for Visible Weapon framework & all his great mods.
Friffy for her great visible weapon tutorial & original mod
Outfit Studio / Nifskope / FO4 Edit Authors, you know who you are so God bless you
Nexus Community

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